Chinese Zodiac Freerolls

chinese zodiac freeroll


Chinese Zodiac Freerolls at Natural8

Come and play every 2 hours in this free tournament!

Chinese Zodiac Freerolls is a free tournament series that offers a special zodiac animal avator and a ticket to Turbo Satellite to Weekday Hold'em to the winner.

Zodiac tournaments run every 2 hours daily.



1.Create your account in Natural8   with the promotion code HABPOKER

2. Begin to win


Tournament Types

Guaranteed Tournaments

Guaranteed tournaments have a guaranteed prize pool (ex. $2000 guaranteed). The buy-in amount goes to the prize pool even if it falls short of the guaranteed amount, and the guaranteed amount will be distributed as promised. If there are more buy-ins than the guaranteed prize pool, the total money pool increases accordingly. This is very good, because winners receive more than the amount that was guaranteed.



At the start of tournament, the players will receive an equal amount of tournament chips. It is not possible to add-on more chips while the tournament is in play. If a player loses all of one's chips, then the player will be eliminated from tournament.


Progressive Bounty

In our Progressive Bounty tournaments, each player has a bounty on his or her head. When a player is knocked out of a tournament, the corresponding player's bounty is added on to the bounty of the player who knocks him or her out. The accumulated prize pool will be distributed to the players who make it in the money, at which point the winner will be decided like a normal freezeout tournament.


Rebuy Tournaments

At the start of tournament, the players will receive an equal amount of tournament chips. During the tournament, every player has the opportunity to rebuy, which is purchasing additional chips equivalent to the starting chip stack. Players have the option to rebuy at any time during the specified time period. The time allotted for rebuys and the number of rebuys available are different depending on the tournament.



Satellite tournaments are qualifying events. Winners of these satellite tournaments usually win the buy-in fee to a larger tournament with a bigger prize.

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