Rope a Dope at Bwin with $5000 guaranteed

 Rope-a-Dope by Bwin

There’s going to be a rumble in the poker jungle at bwin! Don’t let yourself get bullied out of the pot, join the Rope-A-Dope for a mere $11 and grab your share of $5,000 guaranteed! Every Sunday at 20:00 (CEST).

With 5 more routes into this tournament and qualifiers starting from only $0.55, there really is no excuse to miss it!

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5 routes to Rope-A-Dope:

  1. Take part in daily qualifiers from $0.55 up to $2.20.
  2. Complete 2 missions per day (no opt-in required).
  3. Deposit and receive either a direct Rope-A-Dope or satellite ticket.
  4. Daily Freerolls with up to 25 tickets per week up for grabs.
  5. Buy discounted tickets in the store with your collected points.


Daily Qualifiers

Daily R-A-D Satellites start from $0.55 - $2.20, Monday to Sunday.

Date Buy-in Seats
Monday 20:00 $1.10 2 Seats Gtd
Tuesday 20:00 $2.20 2 Seats Gtd
Wednesday 20:00 $1.10 2 Seats Gtd
Thursday 20:00 $0.55 2 Seats Gtd
Friday 20:00 $2.20 5 Seats Gtd
Saturday 18:00 $1.10 2 Seats Gtd
Saturday 20:00 $2.20 5 Seats Gtd
Sunday 14:00 $0.55 2 Seats Gtd
Sunday 16:00 $1.10 5 Seats Gtd
Sunday 18:00 $2.20 15 Seats Gtd


Daily Missions

Complete the missions of the day and get entry to the daily Rope-A-Dope Mission Freeroll Coinflip tournaments rewarding an $11 Rope-A-Dope ticket to the winner.

The “Rope-A-Dope Mission Freeroll 1” tournament will be held the day after the Mission has been completed at 00:15 (CEST) and the “Rope-A-Dope Mission Freeroll 2” at 00:20 (CEST).

The missions for the next 4 weeks:

Week Mission 1 Mission 2
12.09. – 18.09.2016 Play 5 hands of poker Get dealt 7-2
19.09. – 25.09.2016 Win a hand of poker Win a hand with TT, JJ, QQ, KK or AA
26.09. – 02.10.2016 Play 3 hands of cash game Finish in the top half of a tournament
03.10. – 09.10.2016 Eliminate 1 player from a tournament/Sit & Go/Sit & Go Hero Win a hand with One Pair


Deposit Bonus

  • Deposit between $10-49 using the bonus code RADSAT”and get a free $2.20 Rope-A-Dope Satellite ticket
  • Deposit more than $50 using the bonus code “RADTICKET”and get a free $11 Rope-A-Dope ticket.


Daily Freerolls

Take part in our daily Freerolls with up to 25 tickets per week up for grabs!

  • Monday – Friday: Daily Freeroll $100 GTD at 20:00 (CEST)
  • Saturday – Sunday: Daily Freeroll $250 GTD at 20:00 (CEST)


Loyalty Store

Buy discounted tickets in the store with your collected points.

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