Casual Cash Games Challenge

casual cash games

What makes cash games even better? More cash!

Get a poker Bonus worth up to $40 a week simply by playing your favourite cash games.

Let’s go back to the basics: leave the frantic pace of fastforward poker and hour-long tournaments to others, this promotion is for the players who appreciate the purity of good old cash game tables.


  1. Sign up in Bwin

    sign up in Bwin

  2. Opt in for this promotion
  3. Choose your favourite cash game (Casual Cash Games included)
  4. Take a seat and play between 4 and 7 days a week to secure a nice boost to your bankroll. The following table shows how big your bonus will be depending on the amount of time you play.

Don’t forget to opt in every week! Click on the “How to opt in” tab and follow the easy guide.

Challenge Four days in a week Seven days in a week
1 point per day $1 poker bonus $2 poker bonus
5 points per day $2 poker bonus $5 poker bonus
25 points per day $5 poker bonus $10 poker bonus
50 points per day $10 poker bonus $20 poker bonus
100 points per day $20 poker bonus $40 poker bonus

Example: If you collect between 6 and 24 Poker Points during four separate days in a week, you will earn a $2 bonus. If you collect 51 points during four days and one point each during the remaining three, you will get the $10 (4 days of 50 points) bonus instead of the $2 (7 days of 1 point) bonus. Each awarded bonus must be cleared during the following week. Read the Terms and Conditions for full rules disclosure.

Promotion details:

Dates: Monday to Sunday
Type: Points Promotion
Games: Cash Games 
Prizes: A poker bonus worth up to €40 per week

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