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Collect all the rake of your rooms and play as a poker pro You play in several rooms at the same time and the rake you generate in each room does not bring you up in the VIP levels, right? And if you sum it all up? Strength comes in numbers!! In HabWin we add all the rakes you get in all your rooms to achieve a rake of professional player overnight. So simple??? 😲 Yeah... in the rooms where you have created account through HabWin, you do not accumulate the rake individually but your total rake is...

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  • Bwin Spain

    500 €


    400 €

  • PartyPoker Spain

    500 €



  • Sportium

    1.000 €

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Pokerstars SCOOP are back

Pokerstars SCOOP are back The traditional Spring Championship of Online Poker of Pokerstars, SCOOP are back and they will last from 26th March to 10th April at The SCOOP is one of the most important festivals of the year because of its usually guaranteed millions prizes and a very complete calendar with different levels of entry, designed to suit all types of players and bankrolls.  The 2017 SCOOP will take place from 6th March to 10th April and  this year we guaranteed is slightly better than the one of last year, at least match the one of last year, with a guaranteed of €1.495.000 and €25.000 for the Main Event. As usual the events...

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