Bwin Fastforward challenge: are you ready?

bwin fastforward challenge

The Fastforward Challenge in Bwin

Are you going to settle for a one Poker Point per day crawl for four days a week or will you put the pedal to the metal during a full seven day streak? Both approaches will book you a weekly bonus in this fast-paced fastforward exclusive promotion. The question is how big your weekly bonus will be. 

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The size of each bonus depends on the amount of play you put in at the real money fastforward tables and the number of days you play- either a minimum of four or all seven – every week. See the below chart.

How it works the Fastforward Challenge?

Challenge Four days in a week Seven days in a week
1 point per day $1 poker bonus $2 poker bonus
5 points per day $2 poker bonus $5 poker bonus
25 points per day $5 poker bonus $10 poker bonus
50 points per day $10 poker bonus $20 poker bonus
100 points per day $20 poker bonus $40 poker bonus

Example: If you collect between 6 and 24 Poker Points during four separate days in a week, you will earn a $2 bonus. If you collect 51 points during four days and one point each during the remaining three, you will get the $10 (4 days of 50 points) bonus instead of the $2 (7 days of 1 point) bonus. Each awarded bo

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