The Habwin Samurai challenge

Take the HabWin Samurai challenge in Natural8

Join now the Samurai challenge and  get up to $480 extra cash back just for holding in to your very best game.  

How does it work?

From 3rd to 30th 9 July, play in Natural8 and gather points to get your cash prize.

Along with Natural8's weekly rakeback system, we will reward the effort and determination of our players depending on the points achieved every week. You can register until 10th of June, in case you don't generate any rake during the first week, you will get 3/4 of the prize.

Keep your level during the 4 weeks promotions and you will receive below cash prizes. 

Habwin Gladiator

E.g. if you make 1200 per week you will get a $288 prizes to be withdrawn in your Natural8 account on July 15th.

How can I join this promotion? 

HabWin Samurai challenge is just for the very courageous so we need every player to actively accept this promotions on our social networks. Follow the next steps:

  1. Share in Facebook, Twitter or Google+ using the next buttons:
    facebook twitter google+
  2. Write the following message in the post you are goint to share: 

    “Me, (your Habwin user), I accept the #HabwinSamurai Challenge"
    *The HabWin user is the nick you used to sign up in HabWin, not in the room.

  3. And that's it!... since this moment you will enjoy the HabWin Samurai promotion :)

Collect points and bonus 

Besides, you can combine this promotion with others existing not only in Partypoker but also in Habwin, so your winnings will definitely will have a boost during these 4 weeks.

-Natural weekly system + HabWin Vip System

-6 VIP Level for life

To summ up, these will be the points you will get:

Habwin Samurai Challenge


- To join the promotions you need to use your Habwin username when sharing the post on the social networks.

- The player needs to generate points every week to be enabled to the prize.

- In case of different rake levels, the lowest one will be taken as referent.  

- One week without any points generated means the player is out of the Samurai challenge.

- In case of no points generated during the first week, we will give you the option to start it on the 19th June, getting likewise ¾ parts of the prize after the whole challenge has been completed.

Not registered in Natural8 yet?

Register now with the code "HABPOKER" and benefit of this amazing promotion.



Name: Habwin Samurai Challenge
Room:  Natural8
Dates:  From 3rd to 30th July, 2017


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