'The Big One' jackpot worth over EUR 1,000,000 at Bwin

Take the ultimate casino challenge

The casino offers a lot exciting challenges. "The Big One" jackpot worth over EUR 1,000,000 is, without question, the greatest you will ever encounter. Many have tried to crack it, but many have failed. Do you have what it takes? 

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Here is the full list of our jackpots:

The Big One

Includes: Loot'EnKhamun, Snow Business,
Going Nuts, Road Hogs, Melon Madness
€ 2,101,549.79 
Snow Business
Going Nuts
Road Hogs
Melon Madness

Gold Jackpots

Includes: Hippy Days, Tornadough, Dragon's Hoard, Hawaiian Madness,
Super Joker, Mega Fortune Wheel, The Sting, Super Mystic*,
Super Star*, Super Fortune Wheel*
€ 1,210,701.29 

Hippy Days
Dragon's Hoard
Hawaiian Madness
Super Joker
Mega Fortune Wheel
The Sting
Super Mystic*
Super Star*
Super Fortune Wheel*

Ca$h Fla$h Jackpots

Includes: Pirate's Booty, Treasures of the Past, Cash Cruise,
Sweet Hawaii*, Fire Drake*, Golden Oasis*
€ 1,477.19 
Pirate's Booty
Treasures of the Past
Cash Cruise
Sweet Hawaii*
Fire Drake*
Golden Oasis*

Total Jackpot 

There is nothing more thrilling than winning a huge prize. That's why our jackpot slots are the most exciting games around.
The more you play, the higher the jackpot climbs, so start spinning the reels now for your chance to win a fortune.

Total Jackpot 
€ 3,313,728.27


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