Luckboxes: the new Poker series

14 October

luckboxes the new poker series

A new Poker series will arrive next year to your screen

It has been a while since Hollywood found out that good series attract legions of followers who immers in their plots and characters. Series on a specific topic give the viewer the opportunity to approach certain subcultures: this is the case of Breaking Bad or Narcos talking about drug trafficking and money laundering; House of Cards, offering a vision of the american political scenes or Big Bang Theory, a classic sitcom that takes us into the geekly world of two young scientists.

As fans of the world of gaming, we are pleased to introduce you a new series for this upcoming year, a comedy based on the poker world created by Ryan Firpo: “Luckboxes: An Original Series About Hitting It Big”.

The producer of Los Angeles Ryan Firpo got close to the poker world when Pokerstars contacted him to produce a documentary series about some professional poker players, like the documentary “The Rich Man” (based on the life of the famous russian player Mikhail “innerspsy” Shalamov.

After this production, his curiosity lead him in 2013 to create the documentary Bet Raised Fold about the rise and the fall of the online poker industry. The film followed 3 online poker professionals whose lives changed forever on the “Black Friday”. In April, the 15th , 2011, the federal authorities charged PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker and Absolute Poker companies with violating federal laws, bank fraud, money laundering and illegal gambling that day the U.S. Department of Justice closed all poker websites, evaporating in a day, a 1000 million industry.


The new series

After this documentary, the producer had the idea of creating a comedy around the poker world, and from that idea Luckboxes: An Original Series About Hitting It Big was born, produced by the famous poker player Jason Somerville.

This comedy, set in 2009, is about two brothers struggling to find their way in the Great Recession. Working as furniture salesman, they meet Zoe, a young poker player who lives comfortably in her luxurious mansion. Ariel, recently graduated in mechanical engineering and applied mathematics, and his brother Sean, will decide to test their luck in the world of poker  to avoid foreclosure.

Inspired in true events, the poker player and the viewer will catch details of poker reality, always with a lot of humor. A luxurious mansion, a private sushi chef, a team of players always looking to their computer´s screen and two brothers will be the beginning of a comedy about becoming an adult and the problems of being young during the economic recession.


LUCKBOXES // Original Series Trailer from Ryan Firpo on Vimeo.

You can already watch the pilot episode but you will have to wait untill 2017 to see the 13 episodes of 30 minutes. The first season will be available on streaming but there is a possibility that some channel buy it.

We hope that the series has good reception among the public and serve to publicize the world of online poker. If you want for information you can visit the website



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