17 January


Last 11th January a singular competition started at Rivers Casino in Pittsburgh. Four of the best poker players of the moment will face Libratus, an Artificial Intelligence bot specially designed by Tuomas Sandhold at the Carnegie Mellon University

The tournament is called "Brains Vs. Artificial Intelligence: Upping the Ante," takes place from January 11 through the end of the month, with a total of 100,000 hands will be played of 220bb each hand. The human team is formed by four top professional players: 

  • Jason Les, with $1.500,963 Total live Earnings (TLE)
  • Dong Kim with $ 147,871 TLE
  • Daniel McAulay with $104,197 TLE
  • Jimmy Chou with $1.151,677 TLE


Jason Less libratus

Sandhold already developed another bot last year, Claudico, who lost the battle agaisnt three of the four player participating last year, playing out 80,000 hands, too few to determine a conclusion of whether man or machine outwitted the other with statistical significance.

According to authorities on the subject unlike another games, poker is a game of 'imperfect information,' and for this reason it has proved even more resistant to computerization than chess for example. In this case, the modality chosen, Texas Hold'emHeads-Up No-Limit make it specially difficult for AI  since it deals with a huge scale of probabilities.

Libratus has already emerged the clear winner on the first day of the “Brains v AI,” 20-day man-versus-machine no limit hold’em battle. As the computer chips were bagged up at the end of play on Wednesday at the Rivers Casino in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Libratus had collected $81,716 to the humans’ collective $7,228.

Altough Libratus emerged the clear winner on the first day of the “Brains v AI,” humans have almost matched results since, being now the difference of only $50k to Libratus.

You can follow the competicion every day on Twitch.

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