Best guide for choosing your Spin'n'Go

15 March


The Ultimate guide of Spin'n'Go's

During last year Spin’n’Go games have become one of the most popular forms of online poker. Originary born under Pokerstars, they became popular very quickly and currently almost every poker room have established some sort of modality of Spin’n’Go games.

In this article you will find a listing of the Spins games in some of the best online poker rooms of the moment.

What is a Spin’n’go tournament?

Spin & Go’s are fast-paced, Texas Hold’em Sit & Go tournaments, meaning that they are not scheduled, they will start as soon as the capacity is full: as soon as a third player registers (4th player in some cases) the tournament will start. At the beginning of each game a draw will take place, and the spinner in the center of the table will display the prize pool which can be a between two and 1,000 times the value of your buy-in.

The fact that players can theoretically win a thousand buy-ins in a span of minutes and the strong luck component of the game make this format extremely exciting and addictive for recreational players.

As a result, the field of Spins has become slightly softer than the rest of the formats, with many recreationals in the field and consequently more and more professional players are happy that now there are many more fish in the proverbial barrel.  

It sound like great thing at first glance, right? But before joining the Spin’s fever, you should bare in mind a few things. For instance, some experience playing short handed cash games or short handed in the late stages of tournaments will put you in good stead for this specific format. In most of the rooms players start with only 25bb  and soon they will be handling very few of them.

The Spin’n’Go games change slightly depending on the room. Some of them, like 888 include an ALL-IN format at the end of the game. There is an Ante fee, similar to the MTT’s games, used in several room, and it’s forced blind of about the 10% of the big blind value.



As you can see in the chart, rooms like Partypoker, include a Bounty in the Spins, which allows a non-winner player to receive a prize. Another feature in Spins would be the “cookie” of Asian room Natural8. When the spin displays the cookie, Spin’n’go won’t take place, and players get a cookie card. After gathering 10 “cookie cards” the player gets a bonus x10 of the Spin’n’go buy-in.

Tips for playing Spins

-The pshycological factor. When playing Spins at poker, you must bare in mind the pshycological factor created by the spin and the multiplier. The multiplier will double your prize up to 1,000 times and this can make recreational players without many experience to tend to play more aggressive when low multipliers and on the contrary, to be very prudent and cautios when high multipliers. In the first situation, you can benefit playing more conservative and stronger hands and in the second one, you can try to build a stack early with small bluffing and controlled aggressive game.

-Keep calm. In general we recommend you to keep calm. The fact that is a short handed and fast-paced game doesn’t mean all hands need to end up all-in.

-Long-term thinking strategy. Avoid short-term thinking. This is poker format with much more variance than the rest.  Además debemos evitar dejarnos influir en el corto plazo: esta es una modalidad con muchísima más varianza que otras: la suerte influye más en el corto plazo; aunque si se es ganador consistente no nos afectará tanto.

-Observe your opponents. Try to get a feeling of their way of playing and strategy. If our opponent dont’t change his Spin poker strategy depending on the multiplier be careful: Si observamos que nuestro contrincante no cambia de estrategia independientemente del multiplicador, hay que tener mucho cuidado: we are facing a regular/professional player.

-Open/shove your ranges accordingly.  Ranges can be very wide and in some situations playing a very open range can be alright, so we should follow our project and avoiding folding easily.

-Defend your blinds. We will find no more of 4 players in the table, so most of the time we will be playing hands were a blind is being attacked, defend them strongly to gain your opponents respect. 

-Manage your bankroll. We need to manage our bankroll in a conservative way. Being +-25-30 buyins it is quite normal in this format of poker.

Let's play, where should I start?

Check this article with a wide comparative chart of all best features of its room and start grinding.

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