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21 June

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Collect all the rake of your rooms and play as a poker pro

You play in several rooms at the same time and the rake you generate in each room does not bring you up in the VIP levels, right? And if you sum it all up? Strength comes in numbers!! In HabWin we add all the rakes you get in all your rooms to achieve a rake of professional player overnight.

So simple??? 😲

Yeah... in the rooms where you have created account through HabWin, you do not accumulate the rake individually but your total rake is the sum of what you generated in each room. Like that it is easier to reach the goals for the VIP System scaling.

For example...

👉 Imagine a player with two accounts: one in Partypoker and other one in Coral 👈
👉 During this month, the player has generated a rake of 1500 in Partypoker and 1200 in Coral 👈 


As a player with 1 account, the levels he would reach in the
VIP system of each room would be the following: 

Level 4 in Partypoker and Level 1 in Coral



As a player with 2 accounts in HabWin, what we would do would be to add both rakes:
1500 + 1200 = so the rake corresponding to this month for this player would be 2700,
which means to raise considerably the level in the VIP System of both rooms: 

Level 5 in Partypoker and Level 2 in Coral



1 0 100 6
2 100 500 8
3 500 1000 10
4 1000 2000 12
5 2000 4000 14
6 4000 8000 16
7 8000 - 18


1 0 1500 60
2 1501 3000 62
3 3000 - 65
As a normal player

With HabWin


And so on, with the rest of the rooms in which you are creating account... imagine how much rake you can accumulate thanks to HabWin! This is an exclusive promotion for HabWin players, so watch out and do not forget to create your poker account in any of our rooms from our registration buttons, here we leave our list of current poker rooms.  

Add all the rakes of your rooms and become a professional poker player overnight, in VIP levels that you had never before imagined.


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