Interview to Vicente Delgado, vicenfish

6 July

 Picture: Carlos Monti

Vicente Delgado, not quite "a fish"

We had the pleasure to interview Spanish poker pro Vicente Delgado, known as "codelsa" or "vicenfish" in the online fields. Vicente has won the biggest pot in Spanish online poker History, the High Roller of the WCOOP 2014 with a $637.436 prize. With several Triple Online Crowns on his shoulders and several years as a teacher, he starts now his own poker academy together with Onez, another samurai of the online fields.  

-We know it's a very typical question, but we'd like to know how/when do you start playing poker.

It all started when I was 19, at college. I was living in Madrid by then, and as soon as I built a small bankroll I started playing poker in local Casinos and poker clubs. Just a bit later I started playing online.

-Only two years after you start playing online poker, you become a member of the Pokerstars online team, how do you recall that experience?

Big poker rooms sponsoring online players was pretty normal back then and I was the youngest member of the online team ever, so for me, it was really really exciting.

-You have proved to be quite a regular of the EPT. Which is your favorite poker circuit?

Barcelona is without any doubt the best stop of every circuit, not only for the big number of players that usually gathers but also for the quantity of tournaments and the big value of the city itself: its cultural offer makes it second to none, even to Monaco, Bahamas, Prague or Malta.

-After a long while living in UK, you decided to move to Mexico. There's already a big community of  professional players living there. What makes you leave Europe and establish yourself there. How is your daily life?

Well, quality of life in Caribe, is way bigger than the one in London. Be able to see the sun from time to time is priceless. Cheaper rent, better food and also in terms poker, the time zone is more convenient for playing tournaments, which altogether, make it much easier to have a "normal" life. The only advantage of living in UK is that allows you to visit home more often.

-You are one of the bests Spanish players of online poker, Which player would you like to be compared to?

To Belgian Otb_redbaron and Spanish poker player Andrés Artiñano.

-Congratulations for your brand new poker academy 6-Max, a new project, started with Onez, another of bests Spanish players of online poker. Tell us a bit about the project, how you and Onez come up with this idea?

We believe that 6Max cash it's a variety that still delivers quite a ROI and there is not at the moment any specialised academy or team in Spanish. We teach players from the very bottom so they can reach the top while they're provided with stake.

-How is 6-Max academy different to the rest of poker groups?

Most of academies do not provide stake. Besides, we have some of the best professionals teaching our students and we provide top information, videos, analysis and charts so the player is fully prepared for any spot that comes up during the game.

-Will you keep working with Drawingdead?

Of course.

-Which poker varieties do you prefer?

Well, I enjoy tournaments a lot, but cash games mean a different challenge to me, plus the players you find in cash games are far more competitive. 

-There is quite a controversy about unlimited re-entries in tournaments. What do you think, should unlimited re-entries be allowed?

In my opinion, an event without re-entries is more prestigious. When organizing tournaments, you need to ensure that you offer quite a deal for those players who come to play, specially when playing live. Most of the tournaments need the re-entries for ensuring the price-pool or giving more opportunities for players.

-More and more tournaments are using the shotclock, do you see it as a positive thing?

With the shotclock hands get faster and less boring. Some times, when playing live, the action takes quite a while, which can make it boring for the players, no matter if they are recreationals or regulars.

-Today it's being signed an agreement between Italy, France, Portugal and Spain to share poker market, the so called .eu or "shared market". How do you think this will affect South European poker? Is it wise to think that professional players living in .com countries will return? 

This will be the re-birthing of European poker and it seems to be very close. Everything depends on legislation and the taxes that countries apply, because if Italy applies 0% and Spain keeps applying a 40%, there's no way players will get back home. 

-And last, you started in poker, very young, do you see yourself playing in ten years?

The world is full of jobs and opportunities. At the moment, I am totally happy with what I'm doing, and I hope this will be like that for a long time. 

We would like to thank Vicente Delgado his time, and we wish him to succee in all his projects.

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