Scott Blumstein wins the Main Event of the 2017 WSOP

24 July

 Scott Blumstein

Scott Blumstein winner of the 2017 WSOP

Yesterday the WSOP ended and the North-american Blumstein become champion of the World Series of Poker 2017 after defeating in the Heads up to also north-amercian Dan Ott. 

The Main Event, that lasted 10 days, had a field of 7.221 players and a total prize pool of $67.877.400$, the third best edition of all the WSOP history.

The winnier, Scott Blumstein, is a professional player that played the WSOP for his very first time, qand that until now, had barely gathered $S 312.000 ITM. He defines himself as a product of the "Moneymaker effect" thanks to which many north americans decided to make a living of the online poker.

The day started with three players at the Final Table: Scott Blumstein, Dan Ott and French Benjamin Pollack. Blumstein was chip leader almost doubling the total of his opponents stacks.  

Hand #181 will make French Pollack leave the tournament in third position and with a $3'500,000 prize. The HU started with 2:1 advantage for Blumstein, and thinks will just get worse for Ott, whose passive game without reasonable calls and bets , will lead him further and further from victory. However, it is fair to say that luck was in Blumstein side, and at the final hand, when the only valid card was a 2, the river will bring him a hearted 2, along with the title of Champion of the Main Even WSOP 2017.


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