Why is the rakebak so important in the micro stakes?

27 November

micro stakes rakeback

The rakeback in micro stakes

If you are one of those who plays microlimits, you have to look for the best poker rakeback in the market. With this agreement you can multiply your winnings by playing the same tables. Here's an example: 

A player who does 50k hands in nl25, generate about 1500 rake.
With a 40% rakeback he gets €600€, it means:
24 stacks (in nl25 eack stack is €25) and 2400 bb (in nl25 each big blind is €0,25) 


*Winnings are measured in bb/100 = big blinds every 100 hands 

Before we begin to delve into this topic, we need to know about some basics in poker. So... there we go with a little poker for dummies (if you already manage these concepts, skip this chart and continue reading below):

Basics in poker

  • Rake: Money or percentage that a poker room claims  as a commission, or a portion of the buy in case of a tournament for the same concept.

  • Rakeback: this is the part of the comission wich is refunded

  • Stack: Number of chips or money a player can use on a table.

  • Blind: An obligatory bet (or partial bet) placed by one or more players before the cards are dealt. Normally, the blinds are placed by the players immediately seat to the left of the dealer.

  • Big Blind: The largest  two "blinds" normally used in a Hold'em game. The big blind is usually a full bet on the first round.

  • Small Blind: The smallest blinds normally used in a Hold'em game. Usually, the small blind is a third or two-thirds of the first round bet.

Improve your profit rate with a better rakeback 

If you play micro stakes without any rakeback (0% rakeback), your profit rate is going to get substantially worse. So, we advise you before you launch to play, wait a moment and look for the best rakeback deal in the market. Maybe your current profit rate is 3 or 4 bb/100 and only with 40% rakeback (as the example we put earlier) you would be up 4.8 bb/100. Come on, you would earn more than the double;)

Do yu want to win more with the same game? We know that many poker players are not aware of the impact this rakeback can have on their winnings and that is why we have committed ourselves to explain in this article its importance. If you have any doubts, contact us without any compromise in our Live Chat or info@habwin.com. Do not hesitate to ask or consult about your situation.

How much will I earn in my level?

In the following table so you can easily find out what your winnings will be according to your level of game and according to the deal of the room. So you can evaluate in a personalized way how important is having a good rakeback deal (the rake and numbers are an approximation)


Where can I find the best poker deal on the market?

And now that you understand how much profit you might be missing, remember that Habwin offers you some of the best deals and an exclusive double rakeback system. You can get advice totally for free throughtout our chat live. Contact us and we will find the best deal for you.

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