Do you know how the Natural8 rakeback works?

7 February

Do you know how the Natural8 rakeback works?

Now in Natural8 we pay relating to your Net Gaming Revenue (NGR). To calculate the rakeback we must no longer consider the rake, but the NGR that is equal to the rake-rakeback. We explain it with an example so that it is very clear:

If you generate 1,000 of rake and you spin 300 in the wheel, 
your NGR will be 700. 
On that value, we pay your corresponding rakeback,
that in this scale of rake would correspond to 36%.
Therefore, we would pay you 252. 
So, you would take 300 in the wheel + 252 of rakeback.
That is, you get a total of 55.2% rakeback.

Calculate your rakeback in Natural8

To make your own calculations, we suggest you to take a look in the following table where you will find the different levels of the Juice Poker VIP system. To calculate the extra rakeback that HabWin offers in each case, take a look below:

extra rakeback Juice Poker

We hope that you can calculate what your rakeback would be according to the rake you generate. If you have any questions or you want us to calculate it, contact us without any commitment.

And remember that these are benefits that we offer in Juice Poker only if you create your account through HabWin. Don't forget to use the code HABPOKER in the registration process!

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