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17 January

Sometimes, getting out of the most crowded path could be the most interesting and profitable way of acting. Why am I telling you that? Because after playing on GG Network, we think that it is the room with the softest tables of the moment, specially if you play nl200+, regardless of some inconveniences, so let me sum up the room in Pros and Cons.


  • Huge traffic, above all for those stakes where finding tables becomes very dificult. There are tables almost 24 hours a day in nl200, nl400 and nl1000.
  • Altough Scripts work on the room, they are banned, very persecuted and GG is continually banning accounts for this. That’s why you will count with the same weapons that everybody. After playing there, I can tell you that is pretty easy to get tables and find fishes.
  • Very soft field. The whole room id divided in passive fishes, aggressive fishes and weak regulars. It is very unusual to find a table with 4 tough regs, 1 fish and you… the average table will have 1-2 fishes, a pair of very weak regs, one robust reg and you.
  • Rakeback more tan decent. The Fish buffet plus the extra that you will get with Habwin  you can hit 65-75% playing mid stakes.


  • The main and most important con is that HUD is not allowed and not working in the room. There are not hand converters out there, and the room take this very seriously, so do not try to hump over this rule (they are constantly banning accounts).
  • The software is a little bit bulky, which means that if you usually play 10-12 tables, you are going to need a powerful computer.


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