1,050,559.50$ in Bitcoins for the $5Million Venom winner

5 August

The $5Million Venom has broken the Guinness World Record

Finally, the biggest tournament in the history of American online poker, the $5 Million Venom, has taken place. With a ticket of 2,650$  and a total prizepool of 1,050,559.50$ Guaranteed and paid in Bitcoin to the winner, the brazilian TheBigkid, this tournament has broken the Guinnes World Record in the delivery of prizes in cryptocurrencies. Second place went to GinkgoBiloba who took home 760,794$.

After the Step tournaments and the mega satellites previously organized by the Rooms, the great event took place last week with a large participation of players worldwide among whom we found Baltrons and who we interviewed for this special occasion:

In the poker world you are better known as Baltrons. Could you tell us how and when did you start playing poker?

A friend hooked me to watch the WSOP on television; From there I liked the game and I tested on different platforms for fun. Until one day I decided to deposit some money and logically I lost it, hahaha; I don't remember exactly the date but it would be between the end of 2010 and 2011. From that I was researching on the internet until I found an article about a poker school teacher who had won a prize of 130,000 euros or similar; This changed my attention, I decided to join a school where I learned more about poker until I became a professional in 2012.

Do you think age is a handicap or a plus for veterans?

I think that age is not a plus, since high-level poker consumes a lot of mental energy, and today young people can gain a lot of experience, especially playing online when they couldn't before.

Tell us something about your preparation for an event like this. Do you use any concentration dynamics during tournaments?

Well, my game modality is cash, tournaments are an alternative to my usual tables, and really the volume I do is low. To concentrate I like to clear my mind listening to relaxing music, and thinking about the strategies I will continue during the tournament.

How did you get access to the $5Million Venom?

I qualified through some satellites at the Steps tournaments, I don't know if I in 3/6 or 4/6, I do not remember it well but I got a place in all tournaments until I won an entry for Venom.

Which impressions do you have about this big tournament of ACR after the event? Anything you want to highlight about the competition and about your participation?

In the tournament what surprised me most was the low level I had on the table, although it is true that I started the tournament fatally since I lost half of my chips with AA, VS a recreational player that linked a strong hand in the river , and in the end the hand that eliminated me was AA VS my AK, which with the stack I had, considered had no other option.

I think that my participation did not live up to what I expected, I had minimal mistakes but that cannot be committed on this kind of event; remains a bittersweet feeling, because I think I could have gone much further. But I also learned many things from this experience.

What has been the biggest prize that has won?

Online in this same network I won 4000 usd, in a tournament called 1kCage. Also, I won 2000 USD live at the Radisson casino in Montevideo, Uruguay.

In addition to the Venom, in what other tournaments have you previously played and which ones you would like to try luck sometime?

Well as he commented before is not my normal kind of game, and I really play very few tournaments at year, but maybe for next year I want to travel to Las Vegas to play several WSOP events, it is something that I liked a lot when I saw him for the television and what better than to participate.

Could you give us two names that are references for you in the poker world?

In Spain I would say that in cash I like Zeros, Bedo and Raul mestre. For tournaments Adrian Mateos and Malaka . And worldwide I would say Llinuslove and OTB Red Baron.

And in the surroundings of the tournaments you usually attend? Do you make friends?

I participated in the WPT of Barcelona a few years ago and the truth is that is easy meet people and make friends, there really is a very good atmosphere within the live tournaments, it is a very different world to the ground I play at online.

Apart from poker do you dedicate yourself to another activity in a professional way?

No, it's my full time job.

We know you are father, how is having time for your family, dedicate to your profession, and also have free time for yourself?

It's a good question, the truth is that thanks to my partner I have available hours needed to work and combine everything else.

Thank you very much for your attention Adrian, it is a pleasure to have you with us and we wish you good luck at the tables!

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