iPoker to merge Tier 1 and 2 liquidity pools

10 August

With an improved focus on recreational players from its poker rooms, the network is now ready to bring together both player pools on August 11.

In September 2012 the iPoker Network split its player pools into two tiers. The split was designed to stop small operators being able to only rely on providing the biggest rakeback offering to players without investing anything into marketing and bringing new players to poker.

Today the iPoker Network can confirm that next week both player pools will be merged again and all players will enjoy a full ring game and SNG offering, regardless of which poker room they play at. 

This announcement is the next logical step towards making iPoker a recreational friendly poker network and to make big sportsbook licensees drive more traffic to poker.

After introducing Source Based Rake as part of the new player valuation formula, sportsbooks, who historically have introduced lots of new players to poker, are starting to take an interest in the network again alongside their other offerings, which will only attract even more players to the game.   

iPoker has also introduced larger network-wide promotions to help their licensees reach a larger audience. A new version of the iPoker software, which is much more recreational player friendly, is currently in beta testing.

Vía: Pokerstrategy.com

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