Up to 60% cashback at the new Fish Buffet!

Climb to higher levels and spin the wheel for up to 60% cashback!

What is Fish Buffet?

Fish Buffet is a tier-based rewards program where you can unlock larger and larger cash prizes as you progress to higher tiers. To participate? Just play to start earning Fish Buffet Points (FP) You can get up to 60% cashback!

Level structure in the Fish Buffet:

- 7 different statuses (plankton, shrimp, goldfish, crab, octopus, whale, shark, VIP)

- 24 different levels

- Each level has different FP and time limit requirements

What happens if I don't get the requested FP in the corresponding period? If the required FP is not met within the time limit, then you will be downgraded to the previous level, your accumulated FP will expire and you will receive a refund of 10% of the expired FP amount.

As a novelty, 2bet4win offers us the possibility of using lower ranges or black ranks to receive a weekly refund.

What are the BLAck RANKS? With this system you will receive rewards every week at a fixed rate, no more spins or time limits.

You will be able to move back and forth between the fish rows and the black rows. Black Ranks last for one year and require the accumulation of a specific number of Fish Buffet Points for renewal.

  • Weekly Fixed Cashback: Every Monday, you will receive a reward for the FP you have accumulated as a blak rank during the previous week.

Black Rank Rewards image

For renewal:

Maintaining Black Rank image

You can switch to black rank at any time from a lower level / rank:

- Octopus, crab, shrimp can change to Black Fish.

- Whales can change a black octopus.

- All sharks can change a black whale.

* You must remove Diamond Shark to become Black Shark.

In the same way, you can return to Fiss Buffet whenever you want:

- Black fish will start at Camarones Bronce.

- Black Octopus will start at Bronze Whale.

- Black Whale will start in Bronze Shark.

For more details on FISH BUFFET levels, see the table below:

Fish Buffet Ranks table

Prize structure:

- Unlock a level for a chance to spin the wheel for a cash prize
- You can start the roulette by spinning immediately or open it later in 'My bonuses'
- The rewards will be credited to your account after the spin lands on a cash prize
- Unopened roulette spins will be automatically opened in 90 days and credited to your account

Take a look at the rewards per tier below:


Shark rewards image


Whale rewards image


Octopus rewards image


Crab rewards image


Shrimp rewards image


Shrimp rewards image


Fish rewards image


Plankton rewards image


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