We offer you a 30% VIP System from the beginning

VIP System Cashback 

VIP maxim level in PokerLoco with HabWin

Do you want to win the maximum in PokerLoco from the beginning? Sign up in PokerLoco with HabWin and forget climbing among the VIP levels, from the beginning we will give you the maximum: become a Diamond player with a 30% Cashback from the first day. 

PokerLoco Points

Earn PokerLoco Points by playing in any real money cash game or tournament, and exchange the Loyalty Points you have for cash. The percentage that you are permitted to trade for cash relies upon your current VIP Level. You can track your current PokerLoco Points in our Poker software at any time. 

You can always see your available points to exchange for cash in our Poker software. The exchange of PokerLoco Points for cash is also made directly in the Poker software. The amount of points you can exchange will depend on your VIP level. Don´t forget your loyalty points will expire after 180 days from the date they are earned.  

VIP levels in PokerLoco

PokerLoco Sistema VIP

All currency in the Poker software is displayed in EUR instead of USD. 

How do I get my Diamond level?

  1. Sign up in PokerLoco with HabWin.

    sign up in Pokerloco

  2. You become Diamond player from the beginning with a 30% Cashback.
  3. Play, earn points and exchange them for cash.


Name:  Diamond VIP Level
Room:  PokerLoco
Date:  Since the moment when you sign up in PokerLoco with HabWin


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