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Bodog Nightly Major tournaments

Play daily tournaments every night in Bodog

Hit the felt in Bodog’s biggest daily tournaments every night of the week.

How to be part of these tournaments?

  1. Sign up in Bodog

    sign up in bodog
  2. Download the poker software
  3. Choose the nightly major tournament that’s right for you
  4. Play for your share of big-time nightly action

To get your cut of Bodog’s biggest nightly prize pool, hit the felt in our $25,000 Guaranteed SS at 8:00 PM ET. We also recommend you try out some of our other great options featured in the table below:

Nightly Major Tournaments
Time (ET) Tournament Name Guaranteed Prize Pool Buy-in Starting Chips
8:00 PM $25,000 Guaranteed SS****** $25,000 $55 5,000
8:30 PM $8,000 Guaranteed DS * $8,000 $11 2,500
8:55 PM $12,000 Guaranteed** $12,000 $109 2,500
9:00 PM $10,000 Guaranteed SS *** $10,000 $22 5,000
9:15 PM $15,000 Guaranteed***** $15,000 $55 10,000
10:00 PM $10,000 Guaranteed Turbo SS**** $10,000 $109 5,000
10:15 PM $10,000 Guaranteed (10K Chips)******* $10,000 $11 10,000
11:00 PM $5,000 Guaranteed Turbo SS $5,000 $33 5,000

*$5,000 Guaranteed DS on Mondays Only
**$10,000 Guaranteed DS on Thursdays and Fridays Only
***$8,000 Guaranteed SS on Mondays Only
****$7,500 Guaranteed DS on Thursdays and Fridays Only
*****$12,000 Guaranteed on Monday, Thursday and Friday
******$30,000 Guaranteed on Sundays
*******$8,000 Guaranteed on Sundays


Name:  Nightly Major Tournaments
Room:  Bodog
Date:  Daily

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