Play in the Partypoker Sit & Go Missions

Get $ 25 and $ 5 cash bonus at SIT & GO EXTREM MISSION

The challenge of the Party Sit & Go Mission comes with two difficulty levels, perfect for all types of players: Easy Sit & Go and Extreme Sit & Go. Each one has three goals that you must achieve in a limited time during the four weeks that the promotional period will last. All objectives must be played and completed at Sit & Go tables and will not count heads-up tournaments, Cash Games and freerolls; also, to win a hand has to  reach the showdown.

Objectives of the missions:

Easy Sit & Go

  1. Play 3 Sit & Go tournaments a day for 3 days (Sit & Go nowhere)

  2. Win a hand with AA, KK, QQ, JJ and TT (these broadway pockets are for fame)

  3. Eliminate 1 player a day for 5 days in Sit & Gos (K.O. week)

Reward: $10 bonus

Extreme Sit & Go

  1. Play 5 Sit & Go tournaments a day for 5 days (Sit & Go nowhere)

  2. Win a hand with 22, 55, 77, 88 and 99 (these pockets are for professionals)

  3. Eliminate 5 players a day for 5 days in Sit & Gos (K.O. week extreme)

Reward: $25 bonus and $5 cash.

These two Missions are available in the Partypoker lobby for a limited time only. Remember that if you have an active Mission you must pause it before starting the Sit & Go Mission. Only players who have deposited may participate in the promotion; In addition, the bonuses of these two Missions are restricted and can only be obtained at Sit & Go tables and will be obtained in fractions; to fully obtain the $ 25 bonus, the player must earn 125 points; To fully obtain the $ 10 bonus, the player must earn 50 points.

Create your account now, complete the missions and get a bonus of $ 10 in the Easy option and a bonus of $ 25 + $ 5 in cash in the Extreme option!

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