Get a gift box with $ 100 to play


2BET4WIN presents you with a tournament gift box with 100$ to welcome you as correspondence. By registering, you will have the opportunity to participate in the 10.50$ Freerolls that will be held every two hours in the Room.

Also playing All-in of Fold (AoF) tables, you will get a lot of prizes!

-The first 10 hands played in AoF will grant you a free ticket to the Bounty Hunters of 2.10$, where you will have the opportunity to win additional prizes for knocking out other players.

-The first 100 hands in AoF will grant you a free ticket for Bounty Hunters of 10.50$.

Winning the AoF Jackpot for the first time will reward you with a free 88$20$ K GTD Daily Main Event ticket! The guaranteed daily prize pool is 20$K!

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