Accumulate gold with Bestpoker and win prizes and rewards

Get your share of 100,000$ in Spins & Gold

Have you collected enough gold by playing a Bestpoker? Now you can get your share of the 100,000$ in prizes that the room distributes in exchange for your accumulated gold.

How to get your gold pieces?

1. Choose your buy-in

2.Play SPINS&Gold

3. Get gold based on your rang

4.  Get your gold: Once the game is over, the gold distribution is done based on the buy-in and the rank as reflected in the table below.

$50 150 100 50
$20 60 40 20
$10 30 20 10
$5 15 10 5
$3 9 6 3
$1 3 2 1
$0.25 0.75 0.5 0.25

And you can also earn extra gold during the weekend!

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