25,000 and increasing the prizepool!

Win a big prize The Deal

Turn your StarsCoin into huge cash prizes with The Deal!

With just 7 StarsCoin you can push the spin and try your luck to win the progressive prize pool of at least 25,000€ that continues growing, and you can be the one who win it! Even if you don't make it to the final, you can get up to 300$US$ . Do you dare?

Play for 12 hours and get a portion of the pot at the Pokerstars Deal.

Spin the wheel to win great cash prizes, take 50% of the jackpot directly to your account! The other 50% will be divided among those who have played on The Deal during the previous 12 hours.

All players can participate in The Deal; just select the entry for 7 StarsCoin or 70 StarsCoin to win higher value prizes. For every 7 StarsCoin you use to play The Deal, The Room will add 0.022629$ to the progressive jackpot. 78.7% goes to the current pot and 21.3% is reserved for future pots. Pokerstars will retain 0.005232$ and the remainder will be divided and distributed among the players in the form of regular prizes. Each pot starts from 25,000$.

The awards
Depending on the entry you choose and the hand you can form, you will get a prize or another:


7 StarsCoin

70 StarsCoin

Royal Flush

Jackpot Round

Jackpot Round

Straight Flush


Jackpot Round

Four of a Kind



Full House

500 StarsCoin



100 StarsCoin



50 StarsCoin


Three of a Kind

25 StarsCoin

300 StarsCoin

Two Pair

7 StarsCoin

70 StarsCoin

One Pair

2 StarsCoin

10 StarsCoin

Ace High

1 StarsCoin

No prize

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