Discover the advantages of 2BET4WIN

Discover the advantages of 2BET4WIN

What are the advantages of being part of 2bet4win? Today we want to show you all the good things of being part of 2bet4win that will help you become the king of the Room.

  • Smart HUD Box

  • Smart Betting

  • PokerCraft

  • All-In Insurance

Smart HUD Box

As a player you will have access to the Smart HUD Box, which will provide you with more detailed statistics on the players by clicking on their avatars, such as their previous competitions and their style of play.

In Cash games you can check your record against a particular player, along with your three biggest hands against that player. During your All-In or Fold games, you can view a player's total jackpot winnings, their last hands, and their hand distribution. Also, when playing in tournaments, you will have access to details provided by Smart HUD, such as a player's total winnings in a tournament and their current position on the leaderboard.


Smart Betting

To accompany 2Bet4win Smart HUD, players can take advantage of the revolutionary Smart Mobile Betting.

What is it?

Smart Betting is designed to improve the size of bets for mobile users. It suggests bet size options based on the player's personal betting patterns and makes playing poker on mobile much easier and simpler.

How does it work?

Smart Betting suggests bet sizes through an algorithm based on the behavior of your last table played. The algorithm not only works on your bets, it will also offer the "most popular" betting trends.


Another feature of the Room is the powerful and easy-to-use features of PokerCraft.

PokerCraft tracks your entire poker journey as an integral part of the 2Bet4Win experience; any game can be played, filtered and analyzed, no matter how long you spend at the table. Each hand you play is added to the PokerCraft database upon completion. The information will be used to analyze and improve your game, analyze previous plays and save moments on hand to share with friends. Also, it is accessible from 2Bet4Win mobile and desktop applications.

  All-In Insurance

Can you imagine running out of funds suddenly? At 2bet4win they have thought of all those occasions when we need to get an Ace out of our sleeve. With All-In Insurance you have the option to buy token insurance.

How does it work?

When you make an all-in, the Room will offer you insurance against the next card that is dealt. If you go all-in on the flop, insurance will be offered initially for the Turn, while if you go all-in on the turn, insurance will be offered for the River. You should familiarize yourself with these elements to understand how you should use All-insurance:

  1. Main Pot – the total amount of the pot to which the insurance will apply
  2. Investment – the amount that you (ie. the favorite in the hand opting for insurance), have invested in the main pot
  3. Time Clock – Click the clock to use extra time to make your decision, just like the game clock at the tables
  4. Favorite’s hole cards – the hole cards held by the favorite in the hand
  5. Community Cards – the flop (and/or turn) runout of the board so far
  6. Underdog’s Hole Cards – the hole cards held by the underdog in the hand
  7. Favourite’s Hand Ranking – states the current best hand held by the favorite
  8. Underdog’s Hand Ranking – states the current best hand held by the underdog
  9. Outs – All the cards in the deck that can improve the underdog’s hand at that time
  10. Outs Count – the total number of cards in the deck that can improve the underdog’s hand at that time
  11. Odds – the odds that the underdog’s outs will be dealt
  12. Premium – the premium is the cost of taking the insurance. The premium is calculated by dividing the amount you stand to be paid (the ‘Claim’) divided by the odds. In this case, that’s $27.66 / 6 = $4.61
  13. Claim – the insurance claim is the amount you will be paid if one of the underdog’s outs appear on the board on the next street
  14. Premium Slider – move the slider to adjust the premium amount and subsequent compensation payout
  15. Minimum – one of three shortcut options. Sets the premium to the lowest possible claim amount.
  16. Break Even – one of three shortcut options. Sets the premium to a claim amount equal to the favourite’s investment in the hand
  17. Retain Profit – one of three shortcut options. Sets the claim amount equal to the full amount of the main pot
  18. No Need – Select this option to decline All-In Insurance
  19. Purchase – Select this option to confirm and purchase All-In Insurance

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