Partypoker has issued a war cry to all great poker players. A great battle is about to begin and the best warriors have been challenged at the Ragnarok Quest.

To become the hero of this new poker adventure, you must fight to get your share of the 300,000$ in GTD prizes with freeroll entries and 1,000$ cash prizes.

To start off, face Ragnarök's roulette and enlist the help of the Norse gods. Fenrir, Thor, Loki ... every Norse god you recruit is your ticket to a freeroll. To help you on your adventure, the Room provides you with a free exit spin. But you can get up to five additional daily tickets for Ragnarök. Just complete your point goal to unlock your next entry to roulette.

Your mission in this epic battle will consist of:

  • Spin the Ragnarök prize wheel.
  • Win freeroll tickets for each character. The bigger your army, the better the prizes! When you get the $ 1,000, you should contact the Room.
  • Get up to 6 roulette tickets per day

For every ticket earned during a promotional week (until midnight [CEST] on Thursday), you'll get a bonus Valhalla ticket! This will increase your chip stack in Friday's 20,000$ Valhalla freeroll. You must register for the Valhalla tournament before Friday at 12:00 (CEST) in order to play.

Each character freeroll will take place on a selected day of the week, but you can also enjoy the action in the daily 500$ Asgard Freeroll. Any entry won before midnight (CEST) on Thursday will also give you bonus Valhalla tickets, which you can use in the weekly Valhalla tournament of 20,000$ GTD on Friday.

Your chip stack for Valhalla will be based on the value of the total number of tickets you have won.

All unused tickets increase your starting chip stack by 500 chips, to a maximum of 25,000. Remember that you must register before Friday at 12:00 (CEST) using any Valhalla ticket. The 20,000$ Valhalla Freeroll launches on Fridays at 8:00 PM (CEST).

All participating players will have a chance to win any of the following prizes:

      1. one (1) “instant win” ticket worth 1,000$ which can be exchanged to cash by contacting Customer Support; (the “1,000$ Ticket”); or
      2. one of the seven (7) tickets available to the following Freeroll Events:

Daily Freeroll Events:

      • 500$ Asgard Freeroll, taking place every day at 19:00 CEST during the Promotional Period

(each ticket won for the Daily Freeroll Event shall be a “Daily Freeroll Ticket”)

Weekly Freeroll Events

      • 4,000$ Fenrir Freeroll, taking place every Monday at 20:00 CEST during the Promotional Period;
      • 4,000$ Loki Freeroll, taking place every Tuesday at 20:00 CEST during the Promotional Period;
      • 15,000$ Odin Freeroll, taking place every Wednesday at 20:00 CEST during the Promotional Period;
      • 10,000$ Thor Freeroll, taking place every Thursday at 20:00 CEST during the Promotional Period;
      • 4,000$ Surtr Freeroll, taking place every Saturday at 20:00 CEST during the Promotional Period;
      • 10,000$ Heimdall Freeroll, taking place every Sunday at 20:00 CEST during the Promotional Period.

(each ticket won for the Weekly Freeroll Events shall be a “Weekly Freeroll Ticket”).

Ragnarök key details:

  • Dates: 24th June – 23rd July
  • Prize Pool: $300K
  • 7 Weekly Freerolls: Prize pools from $4,000-$20,000, daily @ 20:00 CEST
  • Daily Freeroll: $500 Asgard – 19:00 CEST
  • Weekly ‘boost your stack’ Freeroll: $20,000 Valhalla – every Friday @ 20:00 CEST
  • Instant Cash Prizes: Up to $1K!
  • The Promotional Period shall be split into four weeks as follows:
    1. Week 1 – 25.06.2020 – 2.07.2020;
    2. Week 2 – 3.07.2020 – 9.07.2020;
    3. Week 3 - 10.07.2020 –16.07.2020;
    4. Week 4 - 17.07.2020 –23.07.2020;

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