Take advantage of the Boost Bad Beats Jackpot


Boost Bad Beat Jackpot is here to improve Boost Poker cash tables at SportsBetting!

During Bad Beat Jackpot ranking, the moment players lose on a hand where they have four matching cards or a better hand, all players at the Bad Beat Jackpot tables will share the sweet pot.

Commissions for the prize are 0.02$ for every 1$ in the pot, with the maximum contribution being 0.10$. Contribution will only be taken from Boost Bad Beat tables. This promotion only applies to real money Boost tables (Fast Fold Poker). 

The Room doesn't charge any fees, and every penny goes back to the players! The Bad Beat Jackpot will be divided among the players as follows:

Bad Beat Payments:

  • Bad Beat Winner (Losing Hand) 40%
  • Hand Winner 20%
  • Players at the table where the BBJ was activated: 15%
  • Players who play bad beat boost tables: 10%
  • Resown value: 15%
  • 5% fee

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