Be part of ACR's ELITE

Be part of ACR's ELITE

Welcome to Front-Line, ACR's VIP system in which you will be part of the ELITE. The more you play, the higher your rank will be which translates into more rewards for you!

What can you get?

- Exclusive tickets to live events

- Cash bonuses


The first rank that you can obtain by being part of the Elite is that of Lieutenant. To get here the Points earned in the rake races in The Beast will be taken into account. Reaching this rank will give you access to achievement badges. From here you must get certain points to go up.

  • Captain Level: Earn 750 RP in a month and you will qualify for more rewards, including more Achievement Badges. The more you play, the more you win. You will be able to earn 1.5 CP for every 1 RP earned and will have 50$ cash available to purchase.
  • Major Level: Ready for big rewards? Reaching this rank will earn you double Combat Points: Earn 2.0 CP for every 1 RP earned. Get $ 300 in cash available to buy and also enjoy all the benefits of the Captain level.
  • Colonel Level: Earn cash rewards, a 2.5 Combat Point multiplier for every 1 RP earned plus $ 600 in cash available for purchase, plus all major benefits.
  • General Level: In this rank you enter into higher words, and by earning 100,000 rank points (RP) annually, he will conquer the tables. As a reward you will receive up to TWO reward bonuses totaling 5,500$, special cash rewards, and much more. You'll get 3.5 CP for every 1 RP earned, and you'll have 1,500$ and 4,000$ in cash available. Your stay in this rank is guaranteed until February of the following year. You will also have the option to buy medals of distinction that grant you exclusive cash credits, plus all the main benefits that you will follow.
  • And lastly, earn the rank of 5-Star General and climb to the top of Americas Cardroom. 5-Star Generals earn 5 CP for every 1 RP earned, are guaranteed to stay at this level until February of the following year, and enjoy all the general benefits of the Room. 

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