Poker Online: 10 keys to choose the best poker online room

7 October

All of us we have started playing poker at home with friends through an application on the mobile or social games through facebook, but eventually we decided to play online with real money in major poker rooms, but... in which we should play? From HabPoker we give 10 keys to choose the best online poker room for you.

objetivos poker 

1- Goals:

First we should make a self-reflection and think about the level of play we have and the goals we want to achieve at check in online poker room: learn, have fun, make money, play poker for free,... They could be very valid goals, but you should be realistic about the situation. Although you've earned lots of money playing with friends, online poker is another world and we must be very clear with the purpose of registration. Poker is a game of chance and statistics in short and long-term.

torneos mesas gratuitas

2- Freerolls and tables:

A good goal is learning and a very good way to do this is by practicing. Usually all rooms have free tables and various tournaments focused on the players who want to have fun and to earn some money investing no euro out of their pocket. We have devised a calendar on our website so you can see all the free tournaments that will be played in online poker rooms, information, dates, times,... you can take a look by clicking here.

trafico web

3- Traffic:

The next thing we recommend is to analyze the traffic in rooms where we want to play and the time in which we will do it. If we want to play free money tables, it's not logical that we create an account in a poker room where there is no players in it.

software comodo

4- Comfortable Software:

Another problem you can find as a player is that when you open multiple tables, whether cash or tournaments, you find that it is impossible to keep the pace. However if you play in only one, you get bored, it's very important to be comfortable playing in the room, either by the arrangement of the buttons to bet, viewing the action at the table or the time available to perform action, how many times they have dealt AA and the software has pulled us cards because we were in another table?

welcome bonus

5- Welcome bonus and starting promos:

Eberybody like to be welcomed in a new room, isn't it? Well, in poker rooms it's the same!

If we want to take the step to play with real money and want to make a deposit, we need to take a look at the promotions they offer us to welcome us: deposit bonuses, free money to start or exclusive tournaments for new depositors. You can take a look at the offer in our "rooms"


6- Promos:

Only the welcome gift is not enough, once you're in the room, you have to look at the future, online poker rooms have a wide range of promotions such as rake races, rakeback, bonuses reload... The promotions imagination has no end, so it's not enough just to look at them before checking, but keep track of promotions that they are launching, as they can vary daily, weekly or monthly. To facilitate you this matter you can visit our promotions section or follow us on our social networks, and you won't have to search room by room all the news, HabPoker already takes care of that.

beneficios extra

7- Extra benefits for being VIP member:

What if on top of the promotions offered by the poker site you could have extra benefits? In Habwin we want you to get the most of the game, and we offer extra cash, just for playing as you do on your favourite rooms. You just need to register with the poker room through us and you will get extra cash to buy in our online store a wide range of different products related to poker and leisure time. as

 So if you're really interested in starting to play online poker, choose the room that most interest you from our list and get points for free by performing a few simple steps.

Rapidez en los ingresos/retiradas


So all you have to do is:

  1.        Create your account in HabWin
  2.        Select the room where you want to play and create your account
  3.        Play and get money and HabCoins
  4.        Redeem these HabCoins for the products you like in our HabStore


8- Fast income/cashouts

Normally, entering in a poker room is simple and fast, but when you cashout problems arrive. One of the most common is the verification of identity, anti-fraud legislation makes necessary to send a copy of your ID and/or an invoice with your name, so it is advisable to do this at first so there are no delays to withdraw your money.

On the other hand, depending on the withdrawal method you will use, it has an estimated time. Generally, electronic purses are the fastest methods such as Neteller o Skrill, which can be immediate, take a couple of hours or 2/3 business days, depending on the room you have chosen. In contrast, withdrawals to bank accounts are usually the slower methods may be delayed weeks. We recommend to spend a few minutes to look for the information of the time it takes for the rooms to give us our money at the cashier.

Nowadays the poker room are using the BitCoin. If you are a user of this new virtual currency, it might be advisable to start using this alternative also in poker in a medium/short term. Without no doubt it's the fastest way, you can have the money in your bitcoin cashier in 1-24 hours after the withdrawal.

atencion cliente

9- Support:

No less important than the other recommendations made by HabPoker, is the customer service that can give us the online poker room. All of them have e-mail contact "" or "support @" But if we have a problem that it takes some agility to solve it, we strongly recommend rooms that have a live chat where you can talk to an operator "in situ" or a telephone customer service where you can call to resolve your issue and/or questions.


10- Other products:

Aside from poker, there are many other products, such as bingo, betting or casino. The more products offering, it is best for the poker player because it means two things: that we are using the services of a large company and many recreational players enjoy making bets or playing poker. So the level at the tables is usually lower than in rooms where you only play poker.

10 keys to choose the best online poker rooms

Here you are the 10 most important points before choosing your poker room. I hope this article has been interesting for you and I invite you to tell us your experience with online poker rooms. Do you already have your poker room? Let us know why you chose that room and above all, why would you recommend it to new players. For new players, if you have any question, you can contact us without commitment at and we will explain which room is the best following your needs.

Moreover, you could take part in special promos for our clients as rake races or exclusive tournaments and freerolls. You could see our updates at Facebook,and Twitter and.

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