1 million euros hand at the Barcelona´s EPT 2016

30 August


The  Barcelona EPT delivered a prize of more than 1 million euros to Sebastian Malec


Monday August 29, 2016 ended the EPT Barcelona Main Event played by more than 1785 players at Casino Barcelona (Spain)

 Sebastian Malec was the champion of the Main Event of the European Poker Tour Barcelona 2016 obtaining the highest award so far in the PokerStars EPT: 1,122,800 €

 The Polish player won against German Uri Reichenstein in a Heads Up for more than 5 hours.



Here is the final moment:



Our coach Kini makes an analysis of the hand that allowed Sebastain Malec win the Main Event del EPT Barcelona 2016


We are talking about the final hand of Heads Up which lasted for about 5 hours played by the Polish Sebastian Malec and the German Uri Reichenstein. When they started the HU and after a failed pact attempt Uri dominated in chips with 32 million (106bb) for the 21,300,000 chips (71bb) of Malec.


The HU runs with typical seesaw while the blinds increases and the time to start the last hand stacks are at this point.

There were about 15 minutes level, but the players had agreed to take a break after this hand and then return to finish that level before starting the next.


Blinds 300k/600k Ante 100k


Malec (SB/D) 27.100.000

Uri (BB) 25.650.000

Malec has {A-Hearts}{3-Hearts}  and decides to limp the button. He could have gone up, but it ´s better to limp because if he opens the pot and he receives one re-raise,  he would be in a bad situation with an ace so dominated. Instead, if he limps, he can pay without any problems a ROL (Raise Over Limpers). Uri in Big Blind just checks with {10-Hearts}{9-Clubs}. The  pot is 1.400.000, let´s go to the flop.


 Flop: {J-Spades}{6-Hearts}{Q-Hearts}

Both players hit the flop: Malec flush draw  and the german open ended straight draw. Reichenstein  donks 800.000. In my opinion I think is better have played the  check call as he has a flush draw and color backdoor,but  Uri probably seen that he will no have SD value with Ten high and that´s why he decide to hit.

Malec doesn´t wait for this movement and he decides to play in an agresive way his color poject  to the  nuts and makes a re-raise to 3.000.000 points. In this point the hand  it seems  a good move, maybe excessive in order to regain the initiative and having the possibility to get a free card in turn in case of not being complete it is very unlikely that Uri returns to donk in turn in case of  paying  the raise.

Furthermore, in case of completing, he could leverage the pot to put his entire stack in 3 streets. We also must not forget that he still have a High Ace  that may be enough if the action slows as it has some Showdown Value.

After a little thinking, Uri finally pays and we will see what the Turn brings us. The pot is raised at this point of the hand up to 7,400,000 points.


 Turn: {J-Spades}{6-Hearts}{Q-Hearts}      {8-Hearts}

This 8 completes everything!, the flush draw to the nuts of Malec and Uri straight draw, it is also important to remember that the German also has flush draw with Th.

As we think after the flop raise of Malec, Uri don´t donk again and in this case he checks, a reasonable movement at first as he has completed his project and can let Malec make another bet with his whole range of bluffing, deciding what to do  depends on the size of the bet.

Malec makes a pretty big bet of  5 million. The size here is perfect, so if Uri pays, he still have one pot bet on the river. At this point Reichenstein has 2 possibilities, either pay, either re-raise pay because the fold is not an option having completed the project and taking the flush with Th.

From my point of view, with Uri´s  hand is better to do only call as a hypothetical heart on the river would not do us much harm  as we have one reasonably high. Perhaps Malec blows himself attempting an impossible bluff, on other hand if he had not the heart he would opt  for the  push  due to his value and protection.

After another good thinking, Reichenstein decides to pay and go to the river, the pot is 17,400,000 and the stack behind the German is 17,600,000.


 River: {J-Spades}{6-Hearts}{Q-Hearts}      {8-Hearts}     {8-Diamonds}

Uri checkes quickly, Malec makes an instant shove and the psychological game begins ... they talk about what the other  may have. Malec believes in having the best hand because hands like QQ, JJ or 66 may not be in the range of Uri, he says he thinks it may have something similar to 9T. At that point Uri asks Malec if he thinks 9T would be a good hand to pay at that spot. Malec says no, because himself could have QQ, JJ or 66 . Uri ends the conversation by saying he does not believe he has that, as he thinks he has completed the flush draw. Malec goes to the rail with some fans the time  Uri thinks his movement.

Finally after 2 and a half minutes , Uri decides to pay for losing the tournament. I consider it a very difficult hand to escape and it would had been one of the best laydowns EPT in case of having folded and after what they were talking about, because actually, in the range of Malec are all full house and all draws color but of course, saying it so natural is not usual, in addition, there is always the option of what really is a bluff that he has gotten out of hand, but it´s no probably. I  certainly had also paid.

We must also think that if had folded Uri will continue with  17,6kk points, about 20 blind form next level that would start imminently, that margin is still enough to keep playing, but Malec will dominate 2 to 1 with nearly 36 million chips.


And here our analysis on the EPT.

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