4 November

World Poker Tour UK

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13 Spaniards on day 2 of the WPT UK  

Spanish partipation in the PartyPoker WPT UK hosted by British poker cathedral Dusk Till Dawn Casino, is being quite important as, apart from yesterday's victory of Spanish player Lucas Blanco in the Devilfish Cup, 13 Spaniard achieve qualifying for Day 2 of the £2,200 WPT Main Event Nottingham.
César García and Javier Gómez finished on day 1 in the top five of the 262 supervivors. With them there will be Breixo, Nabil, S. Reixach, S. Cabrera, D. Tovar, L. Lijó, P. Gordillo, J. Rojas, D. Barriocanal, J. Zarco and Pablotenisis.

Day 1A, was last Wednesday and had a total of 177 participants. Seven levels of an hour were played and 106 jugadores achieve to pass the next round.  

Among them, stands out the Canarian César García,  chip leader, with a 150.000 points stackm, before than Ning Lu (147.275) and Jimmy Guerrero (130.000).

A total of 9 Spanish were alive at the end of Day 1A:

  1. César García (1.º, 150.000 points).
  2. Breixo González (6.º, 103.825).
  3. Nabil Cardoso (32.º, 65.400).
  4. Sergi Reixach (34.º, 62.475).
  5. Sergio Cabrera (49.º, 45.550).
  6. David Tovar (57.º, 40.000).
  7. Lander Lijó (63.º, 37.125).
  8. Pablo Gordillo (86.º, 22.425).
  9. Javier Rojas (100.º, 11.100).

Day 1B was played yesterday with 213 participants. After the seven levels, 156 jugadores get to pack their chips.

Javier Gómez achieved a good result finishing with second bigger stack (136.375 point), just after Sadman Shefanchip leader of Día 1, with 181.500 points.

4 Spanish succeed on Day 1B:

  1. Javier Gómez (2.º, 136.375 points).
  2. Daniel Barriocanal (114.º, 28.650).
  3. Javier Zarco (143.º, 14.125).
  4. Pablo Fernández (149.º, 10.350).

The tournament continues today at 14.00h (UK time). Lot's of luck for the Spaniards!

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