Poker player Phil Ivey loses appeal against Genting Casinos UK

10 November

Phil Ivey pierde apelación contra Tribunal uk

Phil Ivey loses appeal against Genting Casinos UK over his £7.7 million winnings

Professional poker player and ten time champion of WSOP, Phil Ivey has lost his appeal agaisn't Genting Casinos UK for "cheating case".

This case dates back to summer 2012 when Ivey won 10.000.000$ from Casino Borgata playing Baracca using edge-sorting tecnique and tried to do do it again at  Crockfords Club Casino,  where they suspected may were possibilities of irregular behaviour or cheating and withheld 7.700.000$ of poker player earnings.

Edge sorting tecnique consists in observing and exploiting subtle unintentional differences on the backs of some types of card, to predict wether they are low or high cards.

When professional player didn't receive his earnings sued Crockfords Club Casino in courts, but failed. He appealed the decision but last Thursday in the court of appeal, Lady Justice Arden said "it was common ground that there was an implied term in the contract not to cheat and the meaning of cheating for that purpose was to be determined in accordance with the Gambling Act 2005". 

She added that here was no doubt, the actions of Ivey interfered with the process by which Crockfords played the game. “It is for the court to determine whether the interference was of such a quality as to constitute cheating. In my judgment it had that quality.

Professional poker player says he will appeal the decision again in the Supreme Court.

On top of this,Ivey has also been embroiled in a legal battle with Casino Borgata Last month, a US district judge ruled that while Ivey didn’t cheat, they were liable for breach of contract when they used the edge sorting technique and has determined both parts will have to arrange an agreement regarding 10.000.000$ poker player won on summer 2012.


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