Life of cards, the ultimate documentary about poker

1 September

Life of cards

'Life of Cards' and Pro Poker Player Lifestyles

A new documentary series on Insight Television in ultra high definition, Life of Cards, gives viewers the opportunity to witness the lives of 10 of poker's most popular players. Life of Cards gathers 10 different episodes and give a deep insight to ten top poker professional players: what is their day-to-day like, how the approach big events, their persoal agenda...Definitely worth to be seen!

The series includes Joe HachemNicolau Villa-Lobos, Vanessa SelbstLiv BoereeFaraz JakaBertrand "ElkY" GrospellierAkira OhyamaAntonio EsfandiariDaniel Negreanu and Chris Moneymaker. The network says that the series will show the true passion and struggle involved in every poker game. The pros travel to the Bahamas, Australia, Ireland, France and the United States (namely, Los Angeles and Las Vegas).

In every 50-minute episode,  the stars of the felt show the viewer what it’s like to live the dream of being a poker millionaire from breakfast table to final table.

Check below eight of the ten episodes available. You can watch them all at here.

1-Joe Hachem

2-Nicolau Villa-lobo

3- Vanessa Selbst

4- Liv Boeree

5-Fara Jake

6-Bertrand Grospellier

7-Akira Ohyama

8-Antonio Esfandiari

9-Daniel Negreanu

10-Chris Moneymaker

Personally we love the one of Joe Hachem, as a totally down to earth person and, in contrast, Daniel Negreanu's one. Which ones are your favorites? 




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