Christian Harder winner of First PokerStars Championship Bahamas

16 January

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Christian Harder winner of First PokerStars Championship Bahamas

The PokerStars Championship series has its first Main Event winner, a 29-year-old from Maryland.

Christian Harder never did manage a victory in any of hisprevious tours, despite making a final table in each of them as he amassed millions of dollars in winnings both live and online. But Harder wasted no time in sealing the deal after the tours rebranded as the PokerStars Championship: he dominated from the outset on the final table today, clinching the first prize of $429,664 after a heads-up deal.

After the elimination in third position Michael Vela, there were only Harder and Josephy left on the table and both reached an agreement in their deal talks. Harder secured himself $419,664 while Josephy had $403,448 locked up after the deal, with $10,000 still left to play for.

It didn't take long as Josephy lost chips at rapid pace, getting outkicked by Harder on more than one occasion. Soon enough, it was all over; the two poker friends got it in with ace-eight for Josephy and ace-jack for Harder. The board bricked out for Josephy and he had to settle for second place. Christian Harder, after having finished seventh in this event in 2008, is now the winner of the PokerStars Championship Bahamas!

1 Christian Harder United States $429,664*
2 Cliff Josephy United States $403,448*
3 Michael Vela United States $259,980
4 Aleksei Opalikhin Russia $191,420
5 Michael Gentili Canada $140,940
6 Rasmus Glæsel Norway $103,780


Luc Greenwwood 

The other big event of the PokerStars Championship was the $25,750 High Roller who went to Luc Greenwood who with this prize will join his brothers, Sam and Max, as poker millionaires with more than $1.2 million in lifetime earnings.

The 2017 PokerStars Championship Bahamas $25,750 High Roller began three days ago with 159 entrants, and Luc Greenwood was the last man standing, capturing a $779,268 prize. In heads-up play, Greenwood defeated Nick Petrangelo, who secured $740,032 thanks to the duo striking a deal.

Heads-up began with Greenwood slightly ahead (4.115 million to 3.835 million), after some discussion the pair decided on an ICM-based chop leaving $30K to the side. Blinds were then doubled, level durations halved, and unsurprisingly an all-in ensued relatively quickly thereafter. 

Just before the final table, Luc knocked out brother Sam in 10th. As is usually the case in tournaments in which they both participate, neither of the Greenwoods appeared to have given the other any breaks in the pots they played against one another.


1 Luc Greenwood Canada $779,268*
2 Nick Petrangelo US $740,032*
3 Michael Rocco US $409,020
4 Byron Kaverman US $335,020
5 Daniel Negreanu Canada $268,780
6 Nacho Barbero Argentina $208,400
7 Stephen Chidwick UK $154,260
8 Mark Radoja Canada $113,360
9 Bryn Kenney US $90,380


Next PokerStars live tournament will be from Panama's capital March 11th, when Pokerstar will set foot in Panama for the very first time. 

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