31 January

Brains team


The Artificial Inteligent bot created by Carnegie Mellon University, has defeated human team by the stunning margin of $1,766,250.

After a 20 days contest and 120.000 hands, BRAINS, the battle between an inteligent bot, Libratus, and the team of four professionals has concluded. The tournament took place at River's Casino in Pittsburg, brought face to face the robot created by Tuomas Sandholm's and Noam Brown's team against  four of the world’s best Heads-Up Texas Hold'em poker players: Dong Kim, Jason Les, Jimmy Chou and Daniel McAulay.

After an encouraging start when the human team was leading (4 days), Libratus came back and since then he's been winning with a bigger margin week after week to end up with a final outcome of 1.766.250$ (14,72bb/100). The only player who was able to harden things a little bit for Libratus was Dong Kim, who at some point even had an advantege on it, but was not able to stand the superlative game Libratus have shown. 

After 120.000 hands, these are the final balances for each player:

  • Dong Kim: -85.649$.
  • Jason Les: -880.087$.
  • Jimmy Chou: -522.857$.
  • Daniel McAulay: -277.657$.

resultados brains

This is a landmark moment for poker and for Artificial Intelligence at the same time. Even though robots had beaten humans at chess, Go or even the Texas Limit Hold'em, never ever a robot had defeated a human team in such an imperfect information game as Texas Hold'em No limit, where both parts have no-limit betting.

Players have highlighted how tough these 20 days challenge have been for them, as Libratus literally improved his game day by day, not only in its strategy by also in his game against them as individuals. 

In fact, Libratus, checked his alghorithims every night improving and adapting them constantly to probabilities and his opponents strategy.

This week, when the four poker players already knew this was a game-over, they offered a AMA (Ask me Anything) on the popular website reddit where followers could ask them about the challenge and they even laughed at being so desperate than they have though about trying William Kassouf speech play techniques.

It looks like Libratus has taken revenge for Claudico's death last year against a team of four professionals, which included Doug Polk, in a similar competition. Will we have a human revenge?

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