Dietrich Fast wins the SHR Seminole Hard Rock Poker Showdown

31 March

Dietrich Fast

Dietrich Fast wins the SHR Seminole Hard Rock Poker Showdown

German poker player Dietrich fast remains on fire after his last World Poker Tour in 2016. Yesterday the German won the $50k SHR del Seminole Hard Rock Poker Showdown ($413k) after a deal with Spaniard Adrián Mateos during the Heads-up.

The tournament had a field of 28 players some of them, authentic poker superstars, like Dan Colman, Jason MercierTom MarcheseScott Seiver and Byron Kaverman

Day 1 of the tournament finished with Spanish Adrián Mateos as a chipleader. Next day, the Spaniard would lose this leadership over German Fast, and both ended up on the Heads-up Fast leading about a 2-1 over Mateos (2,34m vs 1,15m). Before even they started playing both agreed a deal with the trophy and a $483.693 prize going for Dietrich Fast and a slighly smaller amount, $413.567, for the Spaniard.

  1. Dietrick Fast: 483.693$*.
  2. Adrian Mateos: 413.567$*.
  3. Rainer Kempe: 220.864$.
  4. David Peters: 151.844$.
  5. Jason Koon: 110.432$.

Another Spaniard, Miguel Riera Suarez, had his first live victory yesterday at the Seminole Hard Rock Poker Casino. The Spaniard who already cased out a couple of times during last PSC Panamá won yesterday the #Event 16 $1,100 No Limit Hold’em getting a very important first live trophy and the $57,437.

Miguel Riera gandalf

The tournament had a field of 260 players and a prize-pool of $252,200.

The Spaniard player, although he has played only around 15 tournaments live, is one of the top online players of the moment getting regular victories specially at 

And this got proved yesterday, when he was able to defeat a final table full of WSOP bracelets and WPT titles with players such as James Romero, Kevin MacPhee, Cord Garcia, Scott Montgomery, David Prociak, and Team SHRP member Chance Kornuth.

1. Miguel Riera Suarez – $57,437
2. Tony Tran – $40,410
3. Aleks Dimitrov – $25,851
4. Chance Kornuth – $15,725
5. Kevin MacPhee – $12,143
6. Scott Montgomery – $10,063
7. Cord Garcia – $8,449
8. David Prociak – $7,062
9. Spencer Champlin – $5,745
10.James Romero – $4,855

Congratulations to the winners!!

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