Interview with Dzmitry Urbanovich

4 May

Dzmitry Urbanovich

Interview with Dzmitry Urbanovich

Considered a prodigy kid, Dzmitry Urbanovich has become, with only 22 years old, top 1 in Poland's Poker list and 62ª in Global Poker Indez ranking. Since last week, he is also member of the Partypoker team Pro. We would like to thank him for having the time to answer our questions.

-Hi Dzmitry, we would like to congratulate you for becoming part of the Partypoker team pro. How does it feel to be in the same team that legendary poker stars as Mike Sexton, Tony Dunst, Sam Trickett or Johnny Lodden?

Thank you, it feels amazing! I wasn’t even thinking about it could happen one day. They all are excellent guys and I'm happy to work together in one team with them!

- You are considered a prodigy kid of poker. How old did you start playing poker? What are your first memories related to poker? I started playing when I was 13. However I become winning player about year later. It was amazing time, wish I can live it all one more time with all passion I had at the beginning! Playing all the freerolls, reading ton of new information, endlessly watching videos it was really exciting!

-At only 18 years old, in your first EPT, you manage to be ITM and from then on you managed to be ITM in practically every EPT you registered in. How did you prepare yourself for competition? Poker books, coaches, podcasts? Haha, I wish! Nothing like that at all, it’s good if I have a breakfast before play. That's basically it, about preparation. I used to check seat draw and players and thinking about game plan at the very beginning but it’s really boring stuff.

-But it is really in 2015 when your career really takes off winning outstanding prizes like the 2nd position in the Super High Roller EPT Montecarlo and its €1,595,368 cash prize. What can you tell us about that period? What was like a regular day in that time? Hmm, it’s a tough one - long time ago! If you are talking about poker day then I just played higher stakes. If non poker day - than basically nothing changed much. I probably started spending more time out of poker. I started partying more than before.

-You have a pretty busy tournament agenda, between all the hustle and bustle how do you pick the tournaments? I’m just trying follow all poker related news so I know in advance what and where poker events will be. If I like it for whatever reason I put it on my calendar. I look deeply through schedule and pick events that I probably will play. Than I mainly stick to plan. Might skip 1 event or play another one than was planned originally. If there is mix event with reasonable buy-in - it instantly becomes my main priority. I have my poker calendar filled till next February. This year is the busiest in my life pokerwise.

-After becoming part of one of the best poker teams on Earth, what’s next? I will continue playing live poker and proudly represent Partypoker. I will play more online and stream it! I’ll do my best to make party poker leading poker room again.

-WPT, WSOP, different circuits…Any tournament in particular you are really eager to win? It will be good to win WSOP 50k players championship and WPT TOC!

-You have also participated in chess tournaments. Do you think there are similarities between both activities or strategies that are useful for both? Not really chess tournaments. I just played once poker tournament where your starting stack depends on amount of chess games you win before with other players. I barely won one of five and was super happy about this! Well I’m not a guru. I will say that both games are skill games but there is luck involved in poker.

-Apart from Texas Hold’em, any other variety you enjoy playing? I enjoy play everything! Non Hold’em / PLO tournaments are most exciting and fun ones.

And now a quick round of questions:

-Online or live? Live!

-Videogames or chess? Watching or playing?! :P

-Coca-cola or Pepsi? Definitely Cola!!

-Kolduny or Pierogui? Pierogi

-If you could only chose one big name in poker it would be... Mike Sexton


It was a pleasure talking to him. Thanks again and best of luck for next competitions!

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