Pokerstars wants to conquer the indian market

26 June



The new target of Pokerstar

Online gambling industry is not easy and many countries have restrictive policies. That's why big online gaming operators are constantly seeking forms to expand their business by opening up new markets. With this purpose, Pokerstars, industry´s absolute leader and Amaya´s star brand, has set its mind on the Indian market through an agreement with a local company dedicated to the mobile telephony sector.

The smartphone market is in expansion in India with 1.2 billion mobile phone users, and Pokerstars is taking the lead. With his associattion with a local company, it aims to distribute his online gaming services through the smartphones. It will begin to operate in late 2017 and aspires to control half of the market that can reach $150 million.

A new stage

This new stage for Amaya Inc, not only includes approaching the Indian market but also moving the headquarters of the Canadian company to Ontario and changing the company´s name to Star Group Inc in August of this year.

The Asian and North American market are also on the sight, proposals have been made  by several states like New York, California or Florida to regulate the online game classifying it as "games of skill".

The company expects its new strategy to offset losses from new gambling regulation in Australia, which changed its legislation the past january tightening the legal requirements for foreign operators who wanted to operate in the country.

At the annual meeting of shareholders held last wednesday, Rafi Ashkenazi,  the company´s CEO, seemed to have dispelled doubts about the hard times the company has been through this year when David Baazov, co-founder of the company resigned due to an investigation for insider trading.

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