The Superprizepool Summer Edition arrives at Casino Cirsa

28 August

The summer edition of the Superprizepool of Casino Cirsa Valencia is back

Like last year at this time, Casino Cirsa Valencia has prepared a special Summer Edition edition of the Superprizepool, an extraordinary tournament with a structure very similar to the event played in January and that after the collection of the Buy-in Plus of the last weeks has generated an aggregate exceeding € 10,000 that will be added at the final jackpot.

This mini edition of the great annual tournament of the Valencian casino has a much more affordable buy-in (€ 225 + € 25) and will remain at lasts for three days, being Friday the day 1A. The organization estimates that the final boat could be around € 70,000.

The tournament organizes with the first face-to-face satellite with a buy-in of only € 25 and 5,000 points. It will be followed by two very intense, with levels of 30 minutes and repurchase up to level 10. On day 2 it is celebrated on Sunday 23 from 17:00 hours. And as usual, SPP will take place with parallel activities that will be revealed over the next few weeks.

In its first edition, the SPP Summer Edition last year gathered a total of 293 players who added € 81,195 accumulated prize, thus exceeding all expectations. In the final table, after a pact between the first three, Serge Williams was proclaimed winner of the championship with a prize that touched 20,000 euros.

  • From September 19 to 22, the Valencian casino say goodbye summer with a special edition of its annual tournament
  • It is estimated that the added jackpot can exceed € 10,000.


Thursday, 19 of September: satellites with re buyins

  • Starts at 20:00h
  • Buy in 25 €
  • Starting points 5.000
  • Add-on: 25 € y 8.000 puntos
  • Levels 20 minutes
  • Re buyins up to final of 6º level. 
  • Entries acquired and validate to Day 1A

Friday 20 of September: Super PrizePool Summer Day 1A

  • Starts at 19:00h
  • Buy in 250€ (225+25€)
  • Starting points 30.000
  • Levels  30´
  • Add free of 25€ and 10.000 points up to the final of level 10

Saturday 21 of September: Super PrizePool Summer Day 1B

  • Starts at 17:00h
  • Buy in 250€ (225+25€)
  • Starting points 30.000
  • Levels of 30´
  • Add free 25€ and 10.000 points up to final level 10

Sunday 22 of September: Day 2

  • Starts at 17:00 h
  • Without registration.
  • Levels of 30 minutes.

Don't miss the opportunity to be the winner of the Superprizepool Summer Edition of the Cirsa Casino!

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