4 November

Do you know Pokershots?

Let me ask you a question that I consider to be very important and revealing. Do you read?

If the answer is no ... or you rarely finish the books ... you are leaving A LOT of money on the tables. Let's see why.

"Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body."

—Joseph Addison

Poker is not just about knowing how to 3bet. It's also about being disciplined, about managing tilt and other emotions; to organize yourself because you are your own boss, to work and know how to improve your concentration, to know how to rest properly to perform at the tables, to know how to study effectively, how to detect errors and what to do with them, to fight against inevitable results, to play when you are not motivated ...

There are many challenges that you as a player have to face and that are equal to or more important than how well you can play. How you face challenges will determine whether or not you will be successful. And here the books come in. Everything that blocks you has a solution. Someone has been at the same point as you are, has encountered the same problems and has written everything there is to know about it.

The answers you need are in the books. But not only is it enough to read them, we have to apply them. Reading a book that can change your life and forget about it later, thinking that you already know it, is a great waste. You will only truly learn when you take action. You are what you do, not what you think or what you say. For all these reasons we want to show you this new project, Pokershots.

Pokershots is a new school where you will find courses based on highly successful books that will teach you to be a better player and, above all, a better person. In Pokershots you will NOT find game theory, there are already many schools for that. In Pokershots you will find everything that is not theory, but is relevant to being a player: mentality, habits, discipline, emotional management, tilt, etc.

And it is brought to you by two great players with a lot of experience, David Huerga from Falla con Éxito and Gerard Chamorro from Pokermind. Together they have been playing professionally for more than 20 years and they know what you need because they have been where you are today. In Pokershots they will help you to do the whole process: to read more more comfortably, but also to study each book, internalize it and, finally, put it into practice. Read, study, apply.

Head over to their website and sign up to see their free content! For now, you can find courses focused on:

The mental game of poker 1 y 2


Man's Search for Meaning

The inner game of tennis

Also it can interest you


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