What is a freeroll?

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A freeroll is a poker tournament in which we can participate without paying any buy-in, although some freerolls give you the option to purchase more chips at some stage or moment of the tournament (such as re-entries or add-ons).

In a normal tournament with buy-in, the prize is calculated in relation to the total amount of all payments made in the game, minus the fee or rake which is the benefit of the organizer.

In the case of freeroll or free tournaments, the prize is established by the organizer (usually the online poker room) and in most cases the prize for participants runs of their own. In freerolls with rebuy and/or add-on, the organizer can offset losses or use them to increase the prize of the tournament.

Freeroll tournaments in online poker rooms should not be confused with tournaments of play money. They differ in two things:

  1. Play money tournaments usually require the payment of a registration with play money and the prizepool is in play money.

  2. The freeroll tournaments are totally free, they sometimes require payment of frequent points (which come from the VIP system of the poker room) or sometimes they put the condition that you've made a previous deposit. The prizes can be real money, tournament tickets, VIP points, merchandise or tournament money (it can not be withdrawn in cash and it is only valid to register for tournaments).

Most poker houses have freerolls tournaments, but occasionally they may request a payment of frequent points. These points can only be achieved by playing cash tables or tournaments with buy-in. Rooms use very easily the word "freeroll" and these tournaments could lose their essence because user has previously paid a commission on the game to register for the tournament. Many poker rooms offer freerolls without paying anything, then they are really giving us an opportunity to get real money without risk of losing.

Free poker freeroll awards

Some freerolls offer the chance to access a real money tournament, and then another prize to access a higher amount tournament. This type of tournaments are called satellites, so it is very common that the first step of the satellite is free.


The freerolls are not unique to poker. The online casinos often offer their best clients "freerolls" at roulette, blackjack, video poker or slots.

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