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  • Manuel Montes wins the Laroush Poker Series in Valencia

     The tournament registered a field of 133 players and distributed 16,159 € total pool Manuel Montes has won the Laroush Poker Series of Casino Cirsa Valencia. The casino was the scene...

  • Laroush Poker Series returns to Casino Cirsa Valencia

    From 11 to 14 July, the original Megastack buy in of 150 € returns to Valencia Casino Cirsa Valencia will once again host the original Megastack LPS of Laroush Poker Series, between 12 and 14...

  • The history of betting and gambling

        Betting and gambling, a millenary activity If you thought that gambling and betting are creation of the last times, you are very wrong. Gambling and bets of all kinds go back...

  • The hand of the dead man

    The hand of the dead man If you understand about poker, you may already know that when we speak of "the hand of the dead man" we do not refer to the continuation of the Count of Monte Cristo...


    THE JOLLY JOKER or the wildcard   The Joker, originally called "The Best Bower" and "The Jolly Joker" is a poker card created by the American player Euchare, who introduced it during the...


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