Daily rewards in Boosted Daily Legends

Bwin presents the New Daily Legends tournaments to play

The new tournament schedule is here with the Daily Legends and the Boosted Daily Legends promotion. For an additional daily reward, don't miss the Boosted Daily Legend, where players will be rewarded for the first tournament they finish playing each day.

If you want to get a ticket for free tournaments you only have to play one of the following tournaments: The UltraStack (€ 10), The XtraDeep (€ 20), The Five Diamond (€ 5), The MonsterStack (€ 30, 10 and 2) , The Superstack (€ 50), The Ocean's (€ 20), The Flash (€ 30), The Storm (€ 2).

Among the Boosted Daily Legend prizes you can win tickets of more than 30,000€ in tickets to Daily Legends tournaments, tickets to a 1,000€ daily Freeroll, or tickets to a 500€ daily Freeroll.

In the Boosted Daily Legends you will find limited entries so the tournaments are more fair; they also have limited late registration.

Prizes will be awarded to players randomly based on prize odds:


Probabilidad de conseguir un premio

Entrada Daily Freeroll 1.000 €


Entrada Daily Freeroll 500 €


Entrada The Superstack de 50 €


Entrada Satélite The Superstack de 5 €


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