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VIP System Pokerstars poker room

VIP Statuses

The VIP Club has six different VIP statuses, each earned through completing monthly or yearly VIP Steps. The first five ‒ BronzeStar, ChromeStar, SilverStar, GoldStar and PlatinumStar ‒ are monthly VIP statuses. Each status brings its own unique set of rewards and benefits. Supernova is the highest status in the VIP Club and is achieved on a yearly basis by only the most dedicated players.

VIP Status Rewards

The following table shows the monthly and yearly requirements for reaching and maintaining each VIP status.

VIP StatusTotal StepsSteps to MaintainVPPs per StepCumulative Monthly Rebates
BronzeStar 20 0 5 Up to 169 StarsCoin (8-9%)
ChromeStar 25 5 20 Up to 1,490 StarsCoin (12-16%)
SilverStar 25 5 100 Up to 9,375 StarsCoin (15-21%)
GoldStar 30 10 250 Up to 33,875 StarsCoin (18-25%)
PlatinumStar 110 15 500 to 1,000 Up to 456,000 StarsCoin (22-25%)
    Cumulative Annual Rebates
Supernova Infinite 100 1,000 From 510,000 StarsCoin (28-30%)

VIP Tournaments

As a member of the VIP Club, you’re eligible for entry into exclusive weekly and monthly VIP tournaments and freerolls, depending on your VIP Club status. The higher your status, the more VIP tournaments you can enter. The last Saturday of every month is VIP Super Saturday, when we have the biggest freerolls of the month. 

In addition to VIP tournaments you can also take part in VIP Bash Satellites. These special satellites offer players with SilverStar status and higher the opportunity to qualify for live and online tournaments using StarsCoin. VIP Bash Satellites are designed to provide great value for our VIPs!

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