Accumulate points and get rewards with Stars Rewards

Do you want to get personalized rewards with Pokerstars?

If you are one of those who play for real money, the Stars Rewards program is made for you. You just have to collect points and complete your progress bar in each level. You will win a chest with StarCoins and free games!

StarCoins allow access to the Pokerstars Rewards Store, where you can opt for cash back, Spins & Go tickets, and personalized items.

There are six different types of chests that can be accessed by level. To achieve the reward points, you must participate in real money games and complete them with the progress bar that will appear in blue when you are close to leveling up.

To stay at the level reached, you must get a chest every 28 consecutive days. If you manage to win 10 chests during that period, Pokerstars will give you with a bigger chest, which will require more points to unlock, but which contains higher rewards. On the other hand, if during the 28 days you have not won any chests, you will be demoted one level. If instead you have completed at least 50% of your progress bar at that time, you will receive a chest from your new lower level.

The reward points you will need to complete your progress bar will depend on the type of chest and level, in addition to your activity, the type of game and the deposits you make. Players will earn 45 reward points for every € 1 paid in commissions in scheduled tournaments, and 100 reward points for every € 1 paid in commissions in Zoom or regular games, or in commissions from other tournaments.

Here you can see the prizes according to the number of probabilities:

Prizes                                                        Probability

100 €

250 of 1.000.000

50 €

500 of 1.000.000

10 €

2.500 of 1.000.000

5 €

15.000 of 1.000.000

3 €

100.000 of  1.000.000

2€ Ticket for the PSPC Mega Path.

143.255 of 1.000.000

1 €

738.490 of 1.000.000


These are the chests that you can get according to the level:

Level 1: Blue Chest

0,60 €

Level 2: Bronze Chest

From 0,60€ to 12€

Level 3: Silver Chest

From 1,50€ to 30€

Level 4: Gold Chest

From 5€ to 100€

Level 5: Diamond Chest

From 12,50€ to 250€

Level 6: Black Chest

From 35€ to 700€

Chest Prize Odds:














200 in 1,000






400 in 1,000






200 in 1,000






100 in 1,000






65 in 1,000






25 in 1,000






10 in 1,000


* Chests can expire if not used within 30 days as well as rewards and progress bars. Click here for more information.

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