White-glove thief wanted in Pokerstars Vault


Pokerstars is looking for the best white-glove thief in the room. The Safe holds more than 250,000$ in cash prizes and its locks could be opened from 10th to 30th August.

Do you dare to face the challenge in The Vault? To get the precious loot you must unlock the box by completing its three combinations. For this you will not be alone, you will have a team of four professionals:

  • "Ace", your right hand, has the respect of all. It is a force of nature opening safes and covering your back.



  • "Jack". Arrogant guy. A charming rogue. For Jota, any safe is a rival to analyze and subdue. It will cheekily wink at you when you take the cash.

  • "Lady". The boss. Nobody messes with the Lady. No one remembers how long he has been stealing safes ... and hearts.

  • "King of crime". His majesty of the theft of safes. He is part of the international jet-set and has opened safes from Monte Carlo to Manila. Elegantly dressed, access impenetrable safes with impeccable style.

How do you play?

To participate, you must be a member of the Stars Rewards loyalty program. Once you have registered in The Vault, in the Pokerstars Challenges window, you must play cash games in which you will win chests, which contain three digits. These digits may work if they are inserted into the locks that protect the safe, or it may take more tries to achieve the three combinations where you will find a final chest with a cash prize of up to 15,000€! Also, every time you open a lock you will get a cash prize of up to 5,000€.

Ace, your right hand has assigned a chest to each team member. The combinations of these chests will help you unlock the safe. Ace has also managed to discover two digits of the first lock for you. When you sign up, you will see the following:

  • Three chests: red, blue and yellow. These chests are guarded by locks with combinations (red, blue and yellow).

  • The Safe, which will only open if you unlock the three previous chests.


    To open the first of the three locked chests, you have to find the three-digit combination that completes each of the locks:

  • The lock with a red combination: 2 red, 5 red and 7 red.

  • The lock with blue combination: 6 blue, 1 blue and 8 blue.

  • The lock with a yellow combination: 1 yellow, 9 yellow and 4 yellow.

The rules of the game:

Each chest has three numbers. The locks that secure the contents of the safe are color coded to show you that they have been assigned to someone on your team. The blue lock requires blue numbers, and so on. In total there are nine digits to discover, and the numbers do not repeat themselves in individual sequences. At the beginning, there will be two numbers already discovered in the first lock. The numbers and colors on your chests can be made up of any combination and you can receive repeating numbers. However, once the complete combination of a lock is discovered, you will not receive any more numbers of that color.

The numbers you receive can be any combination of colors and figures (for example, you could receive three blue numbers or one red and two yellow).

In short, what will I receive?

  1. When you register, you will receive two digits from the red lock: the red 5 and the red 7.
  2. When you collect the three digits of a lock combination, you will receive the chest that held the lock. *

Nivel de Stars Rewards









99,9 %

2 €

4,25 €

10,50 €

35 €

87,50 €

250 €

0,1 %

200 €

250 €

500 €

1.500 €

2.500 €

5.000 €

3.When you unlock the three combinations of the locks, you will receive an additional chest: the safe. *

Nivel de Stars Rewards









90 %

3,25 €

6,50 €

17,50 €

62,50 €

160 €

450 €

10 %

250 €

500 €

1.000 €

2.500 €

5.000 €

15.000 €

* The reward points you can earn during those two hours will depend on your Stars Rewards level

Any mistake when trying to open the safe can be fatal, and if it fails it will be locked for at least two hours. During this time you can try to get a master key playing to accelerate your progress, since during those two hours the Room will measure the rewards points you accumulate and you could directly access the safe if you reach the objectives!

Play your cards right because your team's skills and tricks can cause the safe to "fail." Once a week, between 1:00 p.m. CEST and 7:00 p.m. CEST, a two-hour countdown will be activated. If you achieve the required number of reward points playing real money games during those two hours, you will receive either a key to one of the three colored chests (90% probability) or a master key to the safe (probability of the 10%). You will see a countdown in your "Challenges" window, showing the time remaining. This countdown will disappear after two hours. The reward points you need to earn during those two hours will depend on your Stars Rewards level:

 Stars Rewards Levels














The promotion will be available from 3:00 p.m. CEST on August 10, 2020 until 11:59 p.m. CEST on August 30, 2020. During this time, in addition to your Stars Rewards chests, each time you complete a bar of progress you will receive a chest with three numbers.

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