Get 15,000€ at Pokerstars

Legend has it that there are more than 250,000€ hidden in the Mysterious House

If you have strong emotions, Mystery House is your game. Only a select few will be able to overcome their fear and claim the 15,000€ grand prize that Pokerstars hides in the Mystery House.

In addition, legend has it that there are more than 250,000€ in prizes hidden inside! To get out alive you must find the three keys that open the lock or you can get to the final room ...

How does it work?

Enter the Mysterious House from the challenges tab in the Room. Fill in progress bars to get dice rolls in your Stars Rewards chests that will allow you to move around the house. If you land in a space with a door, you can open a room and get a key, as well as instant prizes. If you find three keys or reach the end (box 28), you will be able to escape from the Mysterious House and win a prize whose value can amount to 15,000€.

Some of the rooms have a single "door", while others have double "doors" and there is a key in each room. To find a key you must enter the rooms by falling into one of the boxes marked with a door:

  • The cloakroom is entered from box 4
  • The hall is entered from box 8
  • The library is entered from box 12
  • You enter the kitchen from box 16
  • The dining room is entered from box 20
  • You enter the music room from box 22
  • The greenhouse is entered from box 25
  • The office is entered from box 28

If you land on exactly one box marked with a "door", you will enter that room and receive a chest with a key and an instant personalized prize. The value of the chest will depend on the level of Stars Rewards you have, depending on your level of play at the time of winning:







0,75 €

1,25 €

4,00 €

15,00 €

30,00 €

80,00 €


Remember that you can only enter each room once but if you manage to reach box 28 you will be able to qualify for the following prizes according to your level: 








99,9 %

5 €

7,50 €

15,00 €

50,00 €

150,00 €

350,00 €

0,1 %

100 €

250,00 €

500,00 €

2.000 €

5.000 €

15.000 €

To find the Mysterious House you must be a Star Rewards member and be part of their loyalty program. You have until November 1th to try ... Do you dare?

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