Get up to 5,000€ a day with Pokerstars

Do you want to earn up to 5,000€ a day?

Pokerstars brings you the opportunity to win thousands of euros every day with the Gold Button Challenge.

To face the challenge, you will have to play unlimited Hold'em games, including Zoom (with a minimum of four players), with which you can collect pieces of the golden button puzzle.

The promotion, which will run until November 1th, will feature daily challenges that will begin at 00:00 CEST except for day 1, which will begin at 10:00 CEST.

By completing the challenges you will receive an instant prize that will be credited to your account. To do this you must gather all the pieces of the puzzle to unlock your instant cash prize. And you can only collect one puzzle piece per hand. If you win with a hand from the button, you will get a golden card that could speed up your progress, so pay close attention in case you get an as!

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