The 1-click Multi bet with up to 30% higher odds

The best bets, combined in a single bet.

Combi+: a combination of pre-selected top football bets in the form of a single bet, easy and fast to place with 1 click and with up to 30% higher odds!

Bet on domestic football leagues and international highlights like the Champions League and Europa League, as well as international qualifiers and friendlies. There’s something in store for everyone.

The different ways to bet Combi+

  1. Top Combi+ 
    A selection of the top names and favourites of the day.
  2. Combi+Bigs 
    The big names in football with even bigger odds.
  3. Combi+Favs 
    A combination of the favourites, bundled together for increased payouts.
  4. Combi+DCs 
    Double Chance, safer bets with no compromise in winnings.
  5. Combi+Overs 
    Bet on the goals scored and score up to 30% higher odds.

(All Combi+ bets are treated as single bets, if one selection is a loser the entire Combi+ bet will be a loser. In the situation that any of the selections are cancelled, the bet will be void and as a result the stake will be refunded back into the account. More information can be found in section: B1.11.9 Enhanced Odds Specials)

Promotion details:

Name: Combi+

Easy-to-place pre-selected bets

Prizes: Up to 30% higher odds

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